Quest bug

Quest "Dark Planet" progress is 68/1, but I don't complete this. I have a screenshot, but can't send it here.

Here is screenshot: https://vk.com/album-191412645_269993872?z=photo-191412645_457239032%2Falbum-191412645_269993872

When I lost the game, I complete the Quest.

Next time there is a bug, long press on Credits to send your log file. That can sometimes help figure out what went wrong.

Ok thanks

That's really weird! So in the end, you lost a game and finally got the quest to complete?

@Andy yes! I saved this screenshot too, in same album.

Hmm that is indeed very strange. Is the 68 accurate or a weird number? Thanks for sharing! I'm still trying to figure out what happened there. :-)

I highly doubt the 68 is correct as evnov is only level 4. He probably never finished a map yet. Because he would have more exp.

Don't let the standard profile misguide you Kami. In DoL he's pretty far already and I think that was the DoL quest screen. https://mazebert.com/player/36515/?seasonId=1

Yeah it was the dol quest screen. And i was damned sure I checked his dol profile... obviously I was not :D If the 68 is correct though this would be a lot O.o