Reaver range

When I equip Muli or hitman with reaver the inner region of the range indicators is not green. Also Muli shows a range of 2 but only attacks at range of 1. 3*0.6=1.8 so it depends on the rounding what the range will be but indicator and actual range are different. Plus I think a range 3 tower had range 2 with reaver in the past.

Heya thanks for reporting. Right, the actual range used for attacking is precise, for instance 1.8. The indicator was previously simply clamped and is now rounded. I think I forgot some place where it is still clamped ^^ It's already on my list and will be fixed in the next release!

Ok great. But how does 1.8 correspond to the diagonal tiles? I have the feeling that this works more like 1 in cases where the creep is moving tangential to the range. Just a feeling though.