Roordahuizum duplicate

Duplicates when replacing the tower holding it.

Do you have a replay?

https://mazebert.com/g/7aefb61c-729a-4fae-bd1f-4483583b7bf0-39091/ there you go. When i replace templar with Arthur at The end.

I sold The hero and ended quickly because i dont like cheats, so its Hard to se it, I Will try geting it again and screenshot it.

Well that’s an interesting bug. The quest notification is soft locking the game. I can not exit the quest notification after the victory screen and nothing else can be pressed...

Yeah i noticed, if anyone gets it replace The tower and you Will get dupe in inventory +1 everytime you replace it. Do you need to see it for fix?

If it is reproducable that easily, Andy will be able to do it I think.

Well, its seems he allready fixed it. 👍

Was able to reproduce it! Thanks for reporting, I'm working on a fix. It seems to depend on the order of items.