Score bug

After finish the game I couldnt send my result to the server The game still remain in the save game But its finished When I try send the result again It says its already sent But i didnt get any exp and cant see on the ladder board

And I reported error code too

Sorry for that! I've looked into your submitted game and it seems it ran into a dsync error while being validated on the server. This means somehow there is a hash mismatch between the server and your client. It happens very rarely, but it happened before to other players too. And if I see correctly you ran into it once before too. I'm currently working on a solution for this. All data of your game is on the server, so there is at least no data loss. Once my solution is implemented, all scores / rewards will be booked. Sorry bout that!

Sorry, I know you are busy I can see my score on the ladder board now, 150677 sec it looks that score came from reported file but actually my score was over 500k sec and I have a screen shot too Or its not fixed yet?

Oh no! I wrote a kind of fix for those games the last days and ran it this morning. It goes like this: when the server runs into a dsync (calculates a turn differently than your device did) it remembers this turn and tries to validate the game up until that frame. All progress until that point is then granted to your profile. I did not find out why this dsync happened yet. It's extremely hard to track down. That's why I've implemented the workaround first. Cheers Andy

https://imgur.com/TAHuc0O This is what I just made in Shattered Plains 590401 sec but my score on ladder is quit different and my reward as well https://imgur.com/545XrV0 This is what I did before in Blood Moor 611116sec and my ladder is only 150k Whats wrong with me? Ive checked when I made score less than 100k sec It reported correctly to server But only when I made a Highest record, some crash happends. so sad can you check? I think this is related to the replay system and I forgot how i can attach images here how can i do?

Sorry for that, this must be really frustrating! I'm about to write some debugging tools to help track down the source of those dsyncs. The problem is that the different hash result does not happen on any of my devices. There seems to be a calculation done differently on your device, but it's near impossible to find out which one. Once I finish this, it will be possible to re-calculate dsynced games on your device and send me debug data for the simulation turns in question. That help would be greatly apprectiated! Cause right now, I'm clueless. PS: Attaching images to forum posts is not really supported atm. The forum needs more love in the future, that's for sure :-)