Snow globe and Phoenix

Gargoyle in the snow globe on Phoenix seems not to trigger any push backs what so ever. I have a 0.1s spd Phoenix with the snow globe and it seems that there is no push back happening at all. I can share the replay when the game is finished Edit unrelenting force also does not trigger https://mazebert.com/g/254f7e3d-7bb7-4702-8f1e-3f9103eaf7fa-19686/ Somewhere in the bonus round

AFAIK Phoenix does not attack, so it can not trigger 'on hit'

I figured it might have something todo with the dot mechanic and I think it might be broken if this is „fixed“. But this is not clear from the description so I report it.

Any suggestion for a better description?

Maybe just add something like „this does not trigger on attack effects“ or even „no additional effects possible“