Snow Globe - Item effect level doesn't apply?

Hi, if you transform Baby Rabbit with Snow Globe into item the +1 target at lv16 doesn't seem to apply. Had Ripper with it equipped and he was attacking 2 units instead of 3. Might not be a bug, since the item has no level and would make sense it doesn't apply the 3rd attack, but wanted to make sure. If the effect of Snow Globe item doesn't get affected by wearer level, believe this should be mentioned in his description.

It normally works with 3 attacks. But I never tried it on ripper... Do you have a replay?

https://mazebert.com/g/38d647a1-b384-48a7-b0c2-40b3ff813c17-39051/ Stage 165 is where I've build Ripper. Hope it helps. My gameplay is horrible, sorry for too many pauses 🙈

Mhhh maybe the level of the transformed creep determines the effect.

Aww, that could also make sense. I'll try it at some point.