Transmuting Not Working Properly?

Love the game and love the way it's managed, so I feel bad sounding like I'm bringing a complaint. I appreciate that I get to play Mazebert! That said, I have noticed in the past month or so that sometimes I get nothing when transmuting now, and that I often do not see cards I've been awarded in my deck. The HUD scroll in game will say that I got a Wolf for example, but then I go to my deck and there is no Wolf. I'm wondering if this is an issue for everyone or just me. The issue started on my Galaxy Note 8 and has persisted since I switched to an iPhone 11. Thanks for taking a look at this and for any thoughts on what I might do.

Sorry that you are having some issues with the game there mate. Fortunately I have not come across any of the challenges you have mentioned myself and I am an avid Mazebert grinder.

Hi Merv, maybe you had those cards on auto transmute?

It's possible. I haven't actively sought to select auto-transmute, but I may have fat thumbed cards I would not want to auto-transmute. I'll play another round starting tonight to see if that's the case. Does auto-transmute show the progress toward the next item or card level in the little circles in the upper left, or does that all happen invisibly?

Auto transmute updates the circles 👍

If you transmute a stack of cards it automatically sets auto transmute for this card. This was changed in this version.

Sometimes the transmute is added after the next wave ended. The card dissapears and nothing happens. After the Wave the card or Ring Progress is added.

the ringprogress isn't added visualy, while you in that screen. but if you get a full ring, you get the tower/potion/gear at this moment. (cant see it, in case the outcome is in autotransmutelist too.) maybe thats the source of the confusion. get out to mainscreen and back in to "refresh".

After killing 7 challenges, still can’t get the [headhunter] kill 7 challenge quest bonus

Probably you didn't have the quest when you started the game. You can check in-game what quests can be completed in that game by pressing the stats button and sliding to the last card.