Withered and revive bugs

It seems withered set doesn't work, creep is not sending back in time. Revive works wrong now. If creep is revived and went out from map with full HP I will lose the same amount of health as if it went out with full HP without reviving(was not touched at all). Thanks.

This happened when I pushed just spawned goblind too

Withered worked well in my current game until my beavers attacked so fast it permastunned the bosses. Spider and gib dont work either while a creep is stunned. Is it possible that only one special attack like stun, freeze, sendbackintime affects a creep and blocks other special attacks?

Thank you for reporting! I've added the revive bug to my to-fix list. About the withered - I had this in my latest game that I needed all three set items to send units back in time. Which I later could not reproduce anymore. Will look into that too. @Cayenne no there is no limitation of only one of those effects on units. However, if the creep doesn't move the send back in time has no effect, since the creep might been already standing on that spot before.