Challenge 0.6 – 2nd place

2nd place went to Vasuhn – You win a potion OR item card! @Vasuhn: Any ideas yet? :-)

Painting of Solea (uncommon) A painting, showing a unnatural pretty girl. +10% Attackspeed +5% Triggerchance With every attack there is a 20% Chance, that the tower looks at the picture and misses his attack. Enlighted by the beauty, the tower gets 1 exp. The picture should show a blonde girl ;) Something like that. I think the idea is clear, but im not sure if its balanced very well.

Oh god, that's so good. Haha! I don't know where to get the icon of that girl, but it will be done! Very well. Feedback will tell about the balancing. My feeling is that it should balance quite well. The XP bonus is fine too, comes close to a levelled up scientist, but the scientist does it every attack. Looking forward to see this item in the game!

@Vasuhn: Finally finished the Painting of Solea: Have a look here: https://mazebert.com/2013/11/17/painting-of-solea/ What do you think about it? PS: Unfortunately my icon set didn't have any girl at all in it, so I had to try something on my own...

looks really good, nice work :)