Challenge 0.9

With version 0.8 available for some time now, it is about time for a new community challenge as well. With the newly introduced endless mode the ladder is getting more and more dense. In the top field there are at this moment already 5 players who are > level 80! Players are running out of options on the current skill tree! So my challenge to you is: Think about a new player skill. Let your creativity go nuts! There are no rules, except that the best submission will be implemented in 0.9! The challenge ends February, 28th. I'm very excited about your suggestions and the new skill! skill

4 skill points allow your towers to equip 5 items, 10 skill points allow your towers to equip 6 times. This is my suggestion

i support calm honey and propose 3 points for double uniques potiond drops, 6 for double monster card drops and 10 for double item drops...all the uniques

Equipping more items or allowing multiple of a unique would make the game far to easy.

I would be for a "gamble" skill : "You may spend useless excess money for a chance for nothing... and potions" cost 1000 gold + 25*current "stage" (dont want to you use the term level) 1 point: 90% nothing 10% potion (100% common) 2 points: 80% nothing 20% potion (80% common, 20% uncommon) 3 points: 70% nothing 30% potion (70% common, 30% uncommon) 4 points: 60% nothing 40% potion (60% common, 30% uncommon, 10% rare) As always: numbers can be tweaked for balancing. But since i rarely use sat i always hoard so much excess money in the later stages. This could be a fun way to get rid of it :D Maybe add some potions only available thorugh this mechanism.

1.Speed up the game skill. 10 lvl max, each lvl increases the game speed by 2%. 2.Lowing next wave cooldown skill. 5 lvl max, each lvl decreases cooldown between waves by 1 sec. Max lvl of skill removes cooldown. 3. I like Calm Honey's idea about slots
4 skill points allow your towers to equip 5 items, 10 skill points allow your towers to equip 6 times. This is my suggestion
Nice idea, but IMHO 2 adittional slots will make the game too easy. May be something like this: lvl 2 gives 1 slot to common towers lvl 4 gives 2 slots to common towers lvl 6 gives 1 slot to uncommon towers lvl 8 gives 1 slot to rare towers lvl 10 gives 1 slot to unique towers 4.Aura increasing skill. 10 lvl max, each lvl increases aura effects with range (such as Herb Whitch's "Tasty potions" and Money Bin's "Capitalism") by 1% - 2%. 5. Some kind of "Starting money" skill. Or "money gain" skill.

10 levels Each point adds a .5% chance to summon an "uber" enemy At the start of each round **% of current gold is sacrificed for increased trigger chance by **% of gold sacrificed. 10 levels, Each level adds 1% gold sacrificed for 0.01% increased trigger chance. 10 points each point adds 1% increased buff duration (like in YouTD) just some quick iDeas. They will probable need to be balanced.

Love this discussion!!

I was thinking something with an elemental theme: My idea was to have 4 separate tiers that you can only choose 1. Fire - Each of your towers has the ability to deal 1% of it's damage over time (stacks with other effects). Earth - Each of your towers has the ability to splash nearby enemies by 1% (nearby = whatever feels balanced) Water - Each of your towers has the ability to slow the target by 2% Wind - Each of your towers has the ability to lower the armor of the enemy by 2 I'm more attached to the theme of each of the elements rather than the numbers. Some testing will have to be done in order to make sure there's some balance to each of the skills, but you get the idea.

I really like the idea of giving towers more item slots-- you could get some interesting set combos such a frozen and withered together. If that's chosen, however, maybe we could make the skill cost more than 1 skillpoint, since it's so powerful? 5 is a good number. My idea is 5 skillpoints to let you "recycle" tower cards - 4 tower cards for a random chance at a new one. This could be through a menu or a new tower.

2 areas I can see that can be addressed is range, and card synthesizing. 1. Range modifiers would be a high level modifier. I am not sure if the % thing works for this since it is 1 blocks or 2 blocks. It may work if it unlocks range items- 3 for a +1 range, 6 for +2 range, 10 for +2 range and 40% AS or something. I am not sure if this is the best way to deal with range, but I would love to see a change with range. 2. Card synthesizing has to be on the list. If I had the ability to stack a card of the same tower on that tower and it lvled it up +1, then i would have something to do with all my tower cards. Maybe based on the 1-10 range of the skill it lvled the tower 10%. At 10 it gave +1 lvl. This would make common cards value late game, but the uniques would still be difficult to grind for to keep them up since you cant stack them. I know that if you place a card on top of another if wipes unique stats for the tower, that would need to be changed so that if the card is the same it would just add exp or lvl it instead of wipe stats.

How about Health increment skill? Level 1 = 10% increase of health Level 2 = 20% increase of health Level 3 = 30% increase of health Level 4 = 40% increase of health Level 5 = 50% increase of health Level 6 = 60% increase of health Level 7 = 70% increase of health Level 8 = 80% increase of health Level 9 = 90% increase of health Level 10 = 100% increase of health

Along with the idea to summon"uber" creeps they could drop there heads. these can be used in specific combinations (2 rat + 2 Spider heads = X) for unique items or towers?

Make potions more powerful by a %. Make towers more powerful by a %. Make towers levelable till level 199. Make the armor effect of Knux 1-2-3-4-5x more effective... Dunno. :P

Love how many ideas are generated here!! @Nomad: I played a 500 waves game today for the first time. Towers leveling above 99 would be a welcome addition to it I guess.

@Nomad the problem with things like more poewrful potions, towers and/or tower max level is that each one makes the others more effecctive giving to much power. As for the knux one, I would say ok if it also lets say inreased creep speed slightly otherwise it would probably be to strong.

So equipping more items make the game too easy but more effective potions and tower lvs above 99 doesnt? This is bs, sorry... Anyway I support the increased lv cap

Well, this is all still brainstorming, so every idea is welcome, no harm done :-) Of course, when it comes to picking a suggestion for 0.9, balancing will be considered. But even if some ideas won't work as skills, maybe they work at some other part of the game.. Keep em coming ;-)

Of course we will. The more the better. You will have a hard time implementing. :) Another idea: Invest skill points to negate enemies status effects. 3 to negate 'fast', 5 to negate 'fast' and 'armor', 10 to negate all and decrease armor class by X, where X is the totals number of tower levels on the field divided by Y, the Number of towers onf the field

I would like to see some skills that give a bonus to a specific stat but also decrease another. Specialty stats that not every build would want.

here is a thought. 5 points or less to double all white towers stats. this way you could do 500 levels with lets say dandelion.. put more points for 50% increase in blue towers stats and 10 points to give 25% extra stats to yellow towers

Hmm I like that idea, but I think it's too strong how about: Talent effects are X% more effective on common towers (say 20% per level max 100%)

Offtopic, but I already did 1500 with Dandelion

Stat and skill points This is quite big and will need a lot of careful balancing It splits stat and skill points Stat points will boost the damage, attack speed, item find, experience etc and don’t have a max lvl(or maybe not to stop being OP) Skill points are for skills like more waves etc. Lvl cap skill A skill that increases the max lvl cap of (all) other skills so they can be higher than 10

The challenge is closed! Thank you so much for all your submissions. I'm going to sleep over it to make a good decision :-) Excited!