[1.1.1] Highest damage hit

1.1.1 highest damage


Ok, well I'm going to go ahead and call shenanigans on that last one. lol

Man u guys suck i git happy when i first dealt over a total of 1.2 milloion damage i look on here and feel like a chump. Lol

And now that i look the marine just showed djnanashi up thats a huge freakin number. What is that 4 quintilion?!?! Damn lol

If you use the Dark Forge with at least +10 Multicrit (Not that hard to get) you can easily get to the billions when first starting. Don't give up!


When I just started this game I was same as you Ive learned a lot from this forum and made my strat try

How the hell do you make a Shadow that strong ?

General rules for shadow: -Keep damage to a minimum. (the more you attack, the more stacks) -make sure he gets the kills (Seelenrei├čer, can drop on about wave 60-70 in a good game) -Make sure you got speed boosted as soon as possible -Enhance your luck! The luckier the stronger it will get in time -ALWAYS. REALLY ALWAYS. Equip the Messerschmidts Reaver, you ahve a chance to gain multiple Stacks each hit (if there is more then one enemy in range) -Discard damage items for speed/luck items on Challange/Mass Challange rounds. For normal Challange rounds, discard Messerschmidts Reaver Thats all there is. You can go for Ironmans with the withered set to warp enemys back in time, go for Beaver Stuns to keep enemys longer in attacking range. In the end your goal is: Gain stacks, this happens with amount of attacks done by the shadow and of course his luck. *Edit: There is of course always the chance that a bug-abuser is posting here, but i doubt it. The values on the Cards seem reasonable, nothing really out of the possible there.

I'm surprised you suggest using the Reaver on Shadow. I prefer leaving his Range at 4, throwing the Reaver on Gib and just keep his Damage low, and his Speed and Luck high (Lucky pants, Magic Mushrooms). His attacks per second are usually sufficient to get some pretty amazing Adapts I find. Just my own usage though. Always interested in seeing how others use different towers.

Well MR reduces range and speed of course. But how many times can you hit multiple units at once? Each hit, even through MR can yield an adaption. Especially on MASS CHALLANGE its useful, since at least midgame you wont be able to kill them with a Shadow. You can have easy 100+ stacks on them EARLY if you have the MR. Later on you can get a like 4-5 hundret stacks each amss challange if you keep your damage low ;) And another Number game: With MR on a mass wave, you deal 40% to each one in splasjh range. which means you can hit them 3 times ;) instead of once

Fair enough I guess.

You could also put the helm of hades item on shadow just to equal out his range and the splash reaches out from where his range ends so that could be a potentially huge area of damage.

True. Though I'm usually nervous about combining both Helm of Hades and Reaver. Spending two item slots for splash damage, -40% Speed and still sometimes -1 Range. Never-the-less, will give that a go next time.

Personally I think that the Reaver is vital to shadow for max adaptations, I usually have it on my shadow (2nd carry) more or less all the time from it drops to game over. I also place Shadow with its limited range (with reaver) in mind and I manage damage to make sure you at first it doesnt kill anything, then when I switch mains I make sure it kills everything with as many hits as possible. First its managed with with -damage items, later with -crit items in the end with -mc items. You dont really want your shadow to level at all before bonus rounds as it will start stealing kills very fast if your base damage increases, with all its adaptations. I never use Helm on Shadow tho, thats for Abyss King to slurp up as many dead bodies from the shadow as possible :)

I never use Helm on Shadow tho, thats for Abyss King to slurp up as many dead bodies from the shadow as possible Just got to love the way you made the statement... Seems like the creeps are some kind of ice cream to the Abyss King XD Oh and Romeo, about the "Range": I think you lose 2 Range if you equip MR on shadow. But you gain the same range via splash. You just start to hit a bit later, but the area where you deal damage is the same (if you are hitting, and after a while you will spam thit "Skip" button anyways^^ sso you will always be shooting). Like Kyrandia stated, Helm is for the Abyss King. The only "Aura" that increases with the tower hit range ;). This way the Abyss King can be better then before the update and he doesnt compete against Knusper anymore. I'mstill not sure if i should like that change or hate it... i like the new Abyss-King and the idea behind it but not the impact on the game XD

About ur things with the mr u can = out the lost range by adding hades helm and it will also up the range of splash effect

Well, the splash does not get bigger, just the center points can be one field further. But you trade that for a good item. -Excalibur -Seelenrei├čer -Blade from the Dark Forge (guess thats the common 3 ^^) You lose 2 or more Multicrit or a big damage boost for a single point of range, which is not worth it in my opinion.