[1.2] Highest damage hit

Hello all, This is my first post in the forum. Well, with the changes of the shadow adaptation in this patch the highest damage hit has been limited a lot. Let me explain. Now we have: 1- 312 max basedamage 2- 398 increase of a maximum base damage (DEMONS BLADE + PERFECT GAME (199)+ SKULL(100) + POTION (99)) 3- 10000% adaptation limit. 4- 8-10 max multicrit-----EQUIPMENT: SEELENREISER, BLOOD DEMON, MEESER (This item is a must because of the range of the Knux), DARKBLADE AND EXCALIBUR or dagger+cape. 5- After this, then you have all potions you could take and the amplification of another creep (Writherer set) and armor reducction of Knux which is essential. 6- Then we have an unlimited increase per creep killed: 1% increase damage per creep with seelenreiser 1% increase damage per creep with Abbys (60% of times max luck) 1% increase crit. damage per creep with abbys (60% of times max luck). In my current game WITHOUT demonsblade my highest hit is 210 Billions in 16000 seconds. I think it will end in 250 Billion maximum. If my maths are correct in this patch the limit would be 1.2 TRILLIONS.. What do you think????

If I remember correctly mine was well above 2 Trillion on my 30k second run.

You can get an additional 99 damage on your blade by feeding your potion to a level 99 tower married to another level 99 tower. For me this is usually Ganesha and the Dark Forge. Though kudo's to both of you for your impressive highest damage scores.

Trite thank you for sharing that tip! it's quite clever.

Hi all, My calculation was wrong. I didnt took in mind the hugh amount of damage Abbys gives. This are the numbers (I dont know how to upload an image) Survived 37.327 Secs (Top 3 ladder) 500 rounds Easy Main: SHADOW. EQUIPMET: DARK BLADE, EXCALUBUR, SEELENREISSER, REEVER and +1 Multicrit. Best hit: 2T Damage delt 19.640T Damage add: 67.245% Crit. damage: 43.113.2% multicrit: 9 Speed add: 3513% Cooldown: 0s Adapt: 10k ABYSS: 29.984 Army Knusperhexe: 14.775 Eaten Seelenreisser: 32.275% damage. WHEN I WAS IN SECOND 28.000 I HAD TO PUT SOME Lillys in order to clean the map thats why my main only killed 23.257 creeps. So with Demonsblade damage should be double. At least 4T in the same 37.000 Secs.

Best hit 6.4 trillion. Shadow. Blood moor. 56k run. Withered set on support is essential to getting higher #s. Withered, when used properly, is much better than I think it gets credit for.

I got around 108 billion hit, NOT using shadow. With a shadow with 10000% adaptation, that would have been around 10 trillion, assuming I could get the other stats the same. (Which there is no reason I wouldn't have been able to)

Before the shadow nerf, I got a best hit of over 20 trillion with Shadow.