1413 Second Bonus Round

Yeap, that happened. Screenshot: http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/Mazebert_zps1f3074d1.png Used a Shadow, 2 Unrelenting Forces, and careful juggling between Hades Helm and Reaver to maintain force stacks and kill creeps. Final +Damage Added before game ended was >+24000%, see best hit of 22.7M and damage dealt of 69.8 Billion. By the end even with that damage and a reaver basically on from then on, could not clear fast enough. Got a few extra seconds using the Painkiller, but that is the end of the run because theres no mobs to maintain Unrelenting.

Wow that is really impressive! 3x as far as I got during my attempts :-D Really nice strategy you had with that Shadow :-)

Nevermind, came up with an even better strat. 1716 Seconds, could have gone basically indefinitely except I did 2 major mistakes, one is my fault, one is slightly less my fault :/ http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/Mazebert2_zps94e24bf0.png My mistake was discarding my Gib, my unexpected mistake that ended my run is that I equipped a second Unrelenting Force, then removed it later. This apparently removes your force stacks even though one is still equipped. Fair enough it makes sense, but it was devastating :/

Wow- I think this is the farthest bonus round progress I've seen so far.

haha, congrats, I see someone didn't sleep last night :P

Buzz buzz stacks? O.o

But how? 70,000 sec in Hard and 30,000 in Normal. My longest seconds in normal is 1600 in my 10 hours game play. How to achieve that seconds.