A huge request to Andy :-*

Hi, Andy! Please!!! I'm begging you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Please Please Please Please Please Please, maybe only for one time, one day, or for one weekend, please, give us an opportunity to play infinite ammount of bonus round seconds!!! Ooooh, please! I have a Seelenreisser and I am curious about how much damage I can have with it. My maximum for now is +60000 damage before Vir, but I want more! I want to know, how far can I go with it!!! I don't even need an xp reward for that rounds!!! Earlier, before 2.1, my game was just beginning, when bonus round starts. I had enough time to make all my towers to level 99. Yes, I can do it even now, thanks to Spiders, but it's too boooring. I want to play longer during one battle, but it ends so fast! And I want to discover, how far can I get to make my own records, beating them again and again - that's what I loved the most in Your game! I want to test my new strategy, with my new Light towers! Please, Andy, give us such a present! For a Halloween, for an example. Whenever You want! Even, if it would be only for one night, We all will be very grateful! I am sure You can do it!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I hope You will understand me, my language is Russian, not English. Sorry for mistakes! =)

That's a pretty cool idea, to have that as a special event :-D Another possibility would be to have a wizard skill to disable Vir and play like back in the days. Some kind of 'Legacy Power' :-) What do you think? PS: I'm no native speaker either, but as far as I can tell your English is pretty damn good!

Oh, I am sorry, I haven't seen Your answer earlier! "Legacy Power" skill sounds great! I just can't wait for it! =) Thank You, thank You very much, Andy, for Your answer! :-*