About Potions

hi, I would like to ask about potions. If i understand it correctly, it will be better to use potions when your tower has already in higher levels? the modifier in potion said something like 0.04% per level, so if i used it on level 1 then it will only gain 0.04, unlike, if I used it on a level 99 tower? or it will continue to gain 0.04 when the level 1 tower gets to level 2?

It u Uwe a Portion the actuell Level of the tower counts

tototial would like a step by step how to transmute

already tried and nothing happens

@Mekster You can apply the potion whenever you like. When the tower level changes the potion effects are recalculated! @cris To transmute card you need th build the horadric cube in the current version (0.8). The new transmutation system that's directly available for cards will come in the next version (0.9)!