account link

Hello. my phone broke a good while ago and i lost my account. I played under the name sarcophilus, 88 on the ladder. I tried to reach out on the old forum quite awhile ago and wasn't successful. I thought i'd try one more time. Let me know if i need to provide any more information thanks

Hey sarcophilus, sorry for that! Which of your two accounts you want to play with? My suggestion is to transfer all stuff from the old account to your new one, and disable the old account. Cheers Andy

yea, that would be great. Thank you much, Andy.

Cool, I'm heading off to work now, I will merge the accounts tomorrow morning! PS: thanks for the cookie beer and whisky :-)

All done! Happy building & have a great weekend. If there's something missing, please let me know! Cheers Andy

You're a great rolemodel to other developers Andy! Actually taking time and helping players individually.