Am I not getting something?

I play alot of td games including bloons. KR. Ect..I do love this game currently I'm only level 60 something and only done 200 easy waves like once which I'm sure was sheer luck. The game comes across almost as if it works against your efforts. I'm not really seeing much difference no matter how I allocate skill points. I dont see the point of merging pots unless you using tinker for luck since I.e two white speed pots are the same stats as 1 blue. Gold cards should surely be atleast a little different other than a a border... I see people say concentrate on one tower and then supports..yet doing this i simply get overwhelmed quickly as towers cant keep up. But if I deploy more towers I can stop the leaks but then I start falling behind on tower levels. Seems almost impossible unless you have every skill maxed so I ask am I not getting something here? P.s I play from android

Yes, you miss a good strategy :) Currently the balance is on the harder side, and the skills do help especially in the early game. Have you tried replacing you carry so he is a better fit for the coming wave?

To be honist I try to.. I seem to be doing alright with a wolf pack ... got pretty far using I suppose a 'guard pack' same tactic it's just the leveling side of things. I have a small understanding how most of the towers work well and what seems lacking but I still have trouble understanding all the stats on the card.. its alot to take in and exactly what they do. I guess its adjusting from other TD types it's really tying me up.. what is the deal with pots.. what is the point of merging them? I'm relatively a new player so please be patient as still learning... the difficulty does and has kept me invested but it's at a point where I want to be getting somewhere and I'm not. Thanks for getting back to me

Merging pots is mainly to just get another type. Especially in the beginning you need drop rate pots so there is that, If you don’t figure out everything for yourself (which can be fun to some) in the forum and the discord there are a lot of advices