Andy game so hard do something

Andy my wizard level 111 so i know how to play. I have been playing this game before wizard era. Anyway i like this game. I also recommended the game to my friends and We started playing as a multiplayer. However, the game is so difficult that we cannot even pass the easy level 200.I barely win even when I play alone.Although they like the game, they do not want to play it because they constantly lose. So do i.

I honestly thought it was just me lol. I'm a 77 that took a long break and recently returned. I find the game very difficult and inconsistent. Been meaning to recommend the game to my friends and try some multiplayer with them but didn't feel right doing it when I can barely finish a game myself. Been trying the wolf strategy recommended in forums/discord, very limited success.

Quite interesting. Yeah we are at a high point currently, I felt that we are now back to the old difficulty. But yeah I do hope with the proposed armor nerf the game might get more accessible.

This is because of RNG. Very low item drop between 30-150 levels. What about to implement "build mode" as it is in youtd?

Sorry for the reply that I leave, but this game is a successor to good old YouTD. I don't remember that map as very easy. When you completed YouTD, a message appeared congratulating you and stating that the game was not designed to be beaten easily, even on n00b difficulty. So this game is hard, and I think that's the charm of it and the thing that keeps some playing it.

Quite honestly, if I found an emu that can run War3 and it's mods on droid 10, I quite possibly would try YouTD again lol

I kind of agree with you. There has been bit of a spike in game difficulty even on Easy. I don't necessarily think it's bad even when I get pounded before wave 100 but I feel some minor changes might be required. Otherwise I'm an old timer on this one... since 2014 so I know how things changed. I'm not complaining though, I love doing things the hard way.