Are you kidding me Andy?

Andy, Are you kidding me?? I found 12!! Gold Sir Littlefinger cards every time continuously. I found one today, yesterday and the day before yesterday.... I got 240 poins for the golden map, it's oke, nice idea, but I found 6!!! littlefinger cards for it. It's not random.

I found another one :)) NICE!

Uhm well, just to defend Andys honor, I've beaten it too and what i got for the gold is: Blood Demon, 2 of /5 missing potions, 2 Tower Cards (Greed and some low Metro card, cant remember which one), Well a little finger ^^', the last part of the BUZZ BUZZ set (impatience?) and that prince lyceon... And some more double cards ^^ Still, payed out for me ;D It is rather random, sometimes im lucky (like the game right now, golden grounds, fed my first big water of life on wave 7, the 2nd on 13 or 14 and knusper on 47 (48 was a SLOW! mass creep wave). Lets see how far i can get ^^ Golden grounds, hard, 3 lives lost and i've just beaten the the 2nd horseman.

Hey kemu, thanks for reporting! And sorry for that, this must be quite an unpleasant experience. I think it's an extermely rare case, but totally possible as I thought about it. The pseudo random number generator I use, is designed to produce varying numbers, so the scenario you describe shouldn't be possible with a single user using this rng function. However, as between your rolls on the server, there must have been a few other players forging cards, thus using the rng function it is totally possible to achieve such a result (Although it is still very unlikely). I'm wondering if it would help if I store for every player the last forged card. Then, when forging the next card, roll as long until the rolled card is not equal to the card rolled before. Think this way we can avoid such frustrating results. What do you think guys?

Hello, Yes, good idea :)

Well honestly, i dont think it needs fixing. Then we would fix the drop rate to one potion per round or an item per round etc... Sometimes bad luck is part of the game. I had lyceon (or whatever he is called) and of course that Horse and littlefinger about 30 times total already... (rough guess). It of course annoyed me but when finally somethin useful dropped i felt rewarded =) in way i wouldnt have felt if droprates where different... But i guess, its a voice a gainst a voice right now ^^ Maybe Poll it?

Bump, renew this discussion, 1st of all hello playas, playing this game for few weeks now, level 28 but still cannot get past 100th wave.. Now suggestion for random generator, if it's possible to revert current fix and make condition, if you get duplicate card you don't get it and have 5to20% money back