Hey Andy, if you need an Beta-Tester than call me ;)

We are all beta testers ;)

I know, I know Kad ;) But i mean i can test the APK´s before Upload in Playstore.

Hey Solyom, thanks for the offer that's great and I'm sure this will be very helpful! For version 0.8 I am actually planning an 'alpha' release before the version is finally released, so your help testing that alpha version would be very much appreciated. However you'd need to report bugs directly in my mantis bugtracker, which is right now not open for the public. Kad is already reporting a lot of issues there and his bug reports are a real benefit for the game. If you are interested, just fire me an e-mail and I will invite you to the mantis bugtracker. I will send the alpha release to all registered mantis users, that way I won't forget anyone and everybody who got an alpha version can directly report issues ;-) Thanks again for your help! Looking forward to it.

Thank you Andy, iam very interested! But i think, atm iam a little stupid! xD I can´t found your E-Mail Adress! Sry!!!!

Cool, a new alpha tester :-) Yes it's a bit hidden. My email address is andy [at] mazebert.com!

The 0.8.0 preview is out now.

Is there any way to get this to run on windows 7? :!

Dang. I will make a Win build tomorrow!