Black Market

This weekend its the spectral daggers ;:

Thank you!

With plesure :) This time its the unlucky Pants ;)

Damn it... Really wanted those, but I can't afford them. =(

How about this week? Skull of Darkness?

damn it, it is Cape of the Specter.

As in this weekend or the last weekend and how in the hell do u find this out lol

That was on the fifth, so it would've been last weekend. And people test it by spending 300 Card Relics and seeing what happens.

any way, what about this week, I found it seems no one get the skull yet.

We need a new victim to try to find the dkull. Iam not sure wasting 300 relics is the best way for the process to work...

Next weekend i will "waste" 300relics and post it than.. Wish me luck :D

Ill be the fool this week. Unlucky pants is this week. Seems appropriate


Not going to lie, wish I had the 300, I actually really want the Unlucky Pants. =/

It is the Skull this week :D

finally, get 4 black market items, but the 2 blades still far away.

Weekend of 9/25/2015 - Cape of the Specter

Thanks Veritus!

what's new in Black Market there today?

Skull of Darkness again :(

This week is the Skull of Darkness. Again.

Are you kidding !? Again! ?

Yup, was dead serious. I guess it's bound to happen with so few items in the current pool.

Hey, just FYI, someone else will have to check this weekend, I'm away where I have no reception.

Ugh, I went for it and it's the cape of the specter this weekend. Hope that saves someone 300 coins.

This week its cape of the spectre again.... YAY i got a double AGAIN (gettin every thing in the last 4 weeks was not worth it..) edit: ninjad.... and no you couldn't spare me you were 5 min too late...

I actually need the Cape still and bought it, but man... Those stats on it are awful (Aren't they inferior to the Uncommon item that does the same trick?)

Did any brave soul check this week's Black Market yet?

This weekend on Black Market: 23.10. - 25.10. THE DUDE I am happy always wanted to try this new function. Have fun!

Excellent, will be buying when I get home. =D

The Dude, confirmed.

It's kinda fun to use, gotta say. Only problem I'm having it needing to pump the wave full of Treasure Goblins to make sure anything lives long enough to get the bowling ball to kill them.

what this time? who knows?

The dude...

Darktagnan, that is necessary, thanks

Is it The Dude this week? What happens if I already have it and I buy one from the Black Market? Would I get the same one?

i just get the unlucky pants

Thank you for sharing jh.


Yes you would xaru... and sure ypu ;)

My turn to help out Cape of the specter

Confirming, it's Cape of the Specter.

fuck.it's the CAPE OF SPECTER again.

I dont get it i think market bugged always the same cards 3 rd time specter since it started :(

It's not really bugged, but there are simply not that many items available yet. So the chance that a specific item rolls at a weekend is 1/5 = 20%. Meaning the chance for the same item to roll again is 20% as well.

Everyone's all gunshy about doing it now... lol

Anyone know what is it for this week?

It's not up yet, but I'll buy as soon as I see it and post

Please be dagger, please be dagger! I'd check but I am not quite at 300 yet. if no one posts before I get there I will bite the bullet and buy in.

Same. I got 280 so with tomorrows challenge ill be able to get it.

It's the dude. Not what I was hoping for but better than cape!

Damn...really hate the random system.....been waiting for the daggers for a month....really really demoralizing....was hoping to get something new to play with....getting bored...

Sounds like we have a whole buttload of stuff coming late December. But yes, in the interim, RNG is getting a little annoying.

Also waiting for the daggers for months now...

again.cape of the specter

well guess it'll be at least another week til i play again. thanks jh for trying.

Aw, for realsies? I've had those damn things like three times over...

i am wiating

Unlucky Pants this week

think you.i ready have it

Skull this weekend.

At this point I think the Forge is just messing with us.

I would say we are getting stabbed in the back....but that would require a dagger.

Well maybe we can not See them because they are spectral ....

At least the Cape can be transmuted in the mean time now! =P

True..... chance or extra luck or multicrit...

I've also been throwing The Dude for an extra transmutation. That small mechanic makes a huge difference to normally frustrating card draws. One of the best changes in the game.

wow! hammer of thor ! amazing ~

Does look pretty rad. Combining this with the Droid could cause attacks all over the damn place. Sounds awesome.

I can't trade in cards so won't have the points for the dagger.... so obviously it's gonna be dagger this weekend!! Over 200 points sitting there

it's the dagger this week :) Finally

Yay daggers and slayur it only costs 250 relics so if you did quests you should be able to get them

Wait.... wasn't it 300 before?

Yup. But it was 250 for me this time.

Confirmed. I reduced the price to 250 :-)

I am so stoked it was the daggers too. Cheaper, and Daggers. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.

Oh bad luck for me since I have 0 duplicates to trade, i keep literally "wasting" them all whenever i have 100 or so.. gotta change my habbit and save them instead XD

comeon it's my turn. sooo....

mjoelnir ?

Yeah its thor's hammer.

Yeah it was mjoelnir last weekend. AS it was announced.

How do you pronounce that anyways ive seen it in a lot of things and have never heard someone say it.

Myo-Len-Ir. And hey, free 40 card relics.

Its more of myol-neer haha.. btw, black market is 300? What is scheduled this sat anyone knows?

Nahm Andy dropped it to 250. No one knows yet. Some poor sod needs to be the guinea pig first on Friday.

I'll do it. I have 600 relics.

Thanks Gibby, I can do it next weekend!

Wait, nevermind, there's nothing left to unlock from the Black Market...

Hi jus wondering hw many items r available from the black market and wot they r ?

This weekend is the daggers

Nael you can See that in the card section of this site.

Thanks kami I found it I only hav to get the dude and I'm done with black market for now

The Dude is kinda fun. You won't use it competitively, but it's a fun game-within-the-game.

Anyone know what the item is this weekend?

Went ahead and purchased, unlucky pants.

Sorry, I've been blowing all my Relics on the Forge... Still to no avail. I had FOURTEEN duplicates this weekend. That is painful to do.

This weekend is the dude.

Didnt feel like waiting so i took the dive. Daggers this weekend fellas.

Took the dive. Cape of the spectre this week. Already had this one :(

This weekend there’s a special egg waiting for you at black market. Happy Easter!

:( I am 126 relics short of knowing what we get:(

Its most likely the kiwi egg, ill get it now and tell you guys

Yup just got kiwi egg. Thanks Andy

Cape of the Spectre this weekend. Just what I needed! :D

OOooo im gonna get that

Mjoelnir 4.8 Damn...

Mjölnir again:(

Unlucky pants this week!

any chance the arrow is on the market right now? usually the new items are always available day 1

Sorry Abbot the weekend was already done with unlucky pants. Next weekend the regular RNG (with one extra item) kicks in.

The Dude this week-end

hydra arrow 5.7

This weekend is The Dude😞

who already know what is it? Today

I need Hydra Arrow

Hello. Was the last 3 weeks all mjoelnir? I got 3 repeated mjoelnir. -.-

@you should try the upcoming weekend. I have a certain feeling about this... ;-) Everyone remember there are only 3 black market items at the moment and every weekend one is chosen at random. So it is very likely to have the same item in a row. (like with mjoelnir recently)

Was Mjoelnir this weekend.

Hydra arrows this weekend. Darn.

Thank you! I still need that. =P

Thanks TerryCat Got mine hope someone will update with mjoelnir in the future.

And Hydra arrows again. Is there anything else we CAN get from the black market ATM?

I want the dude! but im almost always out of relic dust bcz i use reginn =) aiming for unlucky pants next, and kiwi after that

Anyone tried this weeks yet?

Sighz. Hydra arrows again...

Does black market still drops these cards - Spectral set, unlucky pants, kiwi

only cards in black market now are: Hydra, Mjölner and The Dude

I have only ever got hydras. Well, that and sees at Christmas.

Wish I had gotten that Sword on Christmas :( Started playing week after christmas :( Andyyyyyyyyy couldnt I have gotten it on New Year <3 haha. Either way, I love this game :)

Anyone know whats this weeks item?

If you already bought it, please tell me aswell :) what item this week holds

This weeks item is hydra arrow

What! Same as last weeks..

Bugger. Well, thanks for posting it, saving us all a bit of time and stress. I'll check next week.

Oh FFS. Hydras again.

Yes, mjoelnir!

Yes!, Mjoelnir gotcha, the dude atlast.

Finally my gib got his toy. thank you for the posts :)

Hydra arrows today.

Anyone try black market this weekend?

Not so far... was kinda hoping for a heads up. I'll try it if I can get a few more relics

It's The Dude

damn, got no relics. used to buy skull of darkness.

I am so tired of getting mjolnir...

Hydra Arrow if anyone cares.

I think new players may care, but I think all the lifers here already have all the Black Market items. =(

I wonder if Andy is going to do an Easter gift too?

Thor's hammer this week.

thx tho w8ing for the next weekend=)

Mjoelnir... Again... Third week in a raw...

And again this thors hammer... 4-th weekend in a row...((((

Hydra arrow this week

Again ∆∆∆∆ dat damn arrow(((

Hydra arrow this week

Hydra arrow this week

Uhhh... Cape of the specter this weekend <3

It's GT1

Skull of darkness!

Darn it, GT1 again.

I need a Hydra arrow ! I need a Hydra arrow ! I need a Hydra arrow !

dude this weekend

dagger this week

Unlucky pants

Thank you GaoBoom

One for All , All for One ! ^_^

Hydra arrow !!!

Plasma blade! Finally.

Darn. Spectral daggers.

anyone? what's the item this week?

Psst. It's Mjölnir this week.

Mjolnir this weekend. Wonder if we will be getting a Christmas present?

(and merry Christmas/solstice/holiday of your preference everyone)

Merry Christmas! Yeah, there will be a present the weekend after Christmas.

Any clues this weeken, Andy?

Hmm, maybe I've seen a little robot flying around the black market lately...


It's Mjoelnir.

Is it always Mjoelnir? I'm hoping for a card I don't already have

Not always.. the pool is pretty small at the moment (hydra arrow, bowling ball, mjoelnir and lb set)

What is the LB set?

(And thanks for responding so quickly. It's nice to know that you are a part of the community, not apart from the community)

Thanks! It is the Plasma Blade / GT1 item set.

anyone know what the black market item is this weekend? i have Mjoelnir, Hydra Arrow and the Plasma Blade/GT1 already. I guess that just leaves the bowling ball. I don't want to spend 250 each weekend to get it

At your lvl I don't think black market should be worth it anymore. Better buy whatever card you need for 400 gold. If you have beaten golden grounds that is

yeah but the bowling ball can only be gotten from the black market.

Today unlucky pants


What is today?

Today is "scull of darkness"

Thank you! I've been grinding to get the last few items i don't have, and this saved me over a week's worth of effort

What is today?

anyone? what's the item this week?

Plasma Blade

Thank you.

Today is "spectral daggers"

awesome, thanks. i guess we're taking turns. i'll go next week, unless we can get someone else doing it too

Ok. Let's do it.


Thank you. Have a nice day.

Spirit of Metamorphosis Gender changer!

Thanks, The Marine! I've asked on the Discord who wants to be added to the rotation. No takers yet.

I just bought from the black market it is the mjolnir

Thank you

Today it is "spectral daggers"

Today Spectral Daggers

Thank you!

What's this weeks black market item?

Hydra Arrow This week!


This week Trident of Poseidon Enjoy!


What‘s this weeks black market item?

The dude. :-(

Anyone knows this week's black market item?

I think it is trident of Poseidon

Mjoelnir :o(



Waiting for the potion :)

spectral daggers


Hydra arrow this weekend

The dude this weekend.

Hydra arrow

Trident this weekend!

Cape of Scapter

Hydra Arrow

Hydra Arrow, again.

@Protein Pig, oh no! :-(

This weekend is Trident of Poseidon

Trident of Poseidon this week again

The dude this weekend

Wich item is in the Balck Market this weekend? Thank you for answer :D

Trident of Poseidon

Spirit of Metamorphosis

The dude

Spectral Daggers ;)

Whats this week?



Cape of the spectre this Weekend



Cannot make items

And in new season.. Mjoelnir

Just a reminder, in Dawn of Light, there's still a free Drinking Horn on the black market. Also, in standard it is Hydra Arrow this time - and it is free, too! :-)

Armor of a fat knight.

Yeah armor of a fat knight in DoL And the dude in normal

Ila's Spirit of Metamorphosis

Viking horn (roorblablabla :о) )

Useless machine

Which 1 is useless machine?

The one that is called „the useless machine“😜

Armor of a fat Knight in DoL

Cape of the Specter in DoL

You are so early that i do not Even have the Black market available... Thank you

I think this is tied to the user's local time, my time zone is UTC +7. my chance to get a duplicate firs :о)

The Dude in DoL

The Dude in season, Spectral Daggers in standart.


Hydra arrow in season.

Armor if a fat Knight on standart.

??? This is not in the item list for standard? Is this correct?

@Kami that's on me I'm afraid. I'm already working on the post DoL content and the black market thought we're already there. I've fixed it this weekend, so that this will work again properly.

Viking horn in season

Trident in Standart

Cape of the Specter in DoL

Spectral daggers in DoL