Black Widow

Hello Andy its me again ;D Right now i got a question which is on my mind for quite a while. Its about the Black Widow effect (The +drop part). Does it somehow stack with normal +Dropchance in the tower status screen? (Pot of life etc) or does it add an even higher chance for drops since its an aura? Would be nice to know for longer games. Another 119% Dropchance just by having the level 99 Widow around is quite insane. Thanks in advance =)

Hi Ontrose, good question :-D I checked with the code.. Every creep has a built in drop chance, and this chance of the creep is increased by the aura. So the effect kicks in before any tower drop chance multiplier.

Well that opens up a few tactics with the upcoming patch ^^ So lets say every creep got 10% inherent dropchance. Then you gain lets say 100% bonus by the Widow. Which effectively sets the dropchance to 20%. Then the Towereffect (Pots, items etc) come in with 400%. Which means an 80% total dropchance. This is the way its calculated right? (well, the value are just picked for easy caluclation ^^ and there might be other factors like rich, which unit type [boss/air/mass....] which are not taken into account but should be calculated even before the widow aura right?) Like i said this calculation is just an example without real values and probably softcaps (dont know if the wavecounter adds in anything here besides prevent legendarys on round 1 ^^). Any flaws of logic in there?