Browser port? (Kongregate or self hosted)

Hi there, Absolutely loving the game and it's great that for once, it's not "easy" and in fact a real challenge. However, my phone has died recently and a thought crossed my mind. What if the game could be played on my PC in a browser? Kongregate is a fantastic website that I've used to play a lot of tower defence and it could be the perfect addition to the Play store and Apple store. Or alternatively, host it on mazebert.com, like runescape does. Massive fan! Frank.

Hey hey, thanks for the heads up! Actually libgdx, the new engine I'm porting the game to, offers an html5 cross compilation. This would in theory allow to play the game in the browser. I haven't tried it yet, since the main focus is to get the new version out as soon as possible, but really something to look into, after everything is ported. Actually I'm planning to release a desktop executable with the upcoming version, too. It has been a problem in the past, because the desktop version has been massively exploited with Cheat Engine and the like. However, with the new version this won't be a problem anymore, as it takes a completely different approach. You can still cheat, but you won't be able to submit those scores to the ladder anymore and you won't be able to play with other regular clients. Cheers Andy