Cant seem to win

Ive been playing for 2 weeks now and my wizard is level 30. Never have I gotten past wave 100/200 on easy... Ive read on the forum through alot of guides but most of them dont make sense, as I have never seen some cards, that are mentioned, even drop. Im loving the game and what I keep reading is to do quests and get relics. I cant complete my quests as they have been cycling into "win the game with only X and Y decks". Ive been trying to spread the exp and have only attacking towers ans ive tried a carry (1 for single and 1 for aoe) with stacking Irish Pub and Herb Witch. Most of the time I cant even get to 3k gold spared to even place a certain tower. The game is amazing but losing 2-3 matches on a almost daily basis is not all that cool. Would love any tips or even better screenshots of tower placement layouts for a noob like me =) Kind regards, Sydju

I agree, the game has a bit of a steep learning curve. Try this plan: 1. Start with Shadow Mane and the nature element (maybe metro as a second, if you want). 2. Start with a dandelion tower in the middle. 3. If the dandelion can't handle the first wave alone, then build a rabbit in the back. 4. Try to let your dandelion get most of the kills. 5. Give your dandelion all the best items. I like to give priority to attack speed. 6. Transmute (swipe) any potions you can. Try to get water of life for more item drops. 7. If you are struggling, drink potions with your main tower.

I will give this a try, ill leave an update as soon as ive won/lost. Thank you

We've all been there when we first start :) once you get the groove of things you'll be smashing it.

the Academy Tab under the Mazebert TD Discord has some great tips and tricks too!

I will add too. For a good start, transmute white items to get Meat Mallet for your carry tower. Thanks for the tip Marzipain ^^

Update: Managed to get to wave 80 (which is 10ish higher than usually) and I noticed I wasnt able to kill bosses and flying fast enough, went from 75% down to 0% real fast. Wizard is 31 now. Tried the above tactic 3 runs of which wave 80 was highest. Edit: Trying a different position now for the dandelion and ive replaced it around wave 16 with the electric chair. So far its going better (wave 58) but I do notice my single target is seriously lacking (have a huli monkey in the middle 8 slots). Using Nature/Metro btw, as I have a quest to win a game as that. Edit2: Managed to get to wave 126 (YAY!). Single target damage killed me in the end. Bossed reached the end with 50% hp whereas mass waves couldnt even get to the middle. I just dont know what towers are good for single target.

The question is do you want us to spoil you the current meta game? Or do yo want to find out yourself which towers work best on which position? I can tell you that I only have 1 tower to get the kills so he gets all the exp. if necessary I change the tower to be more fitting for the coming waves.

Only 1 tower to get all kills? I cant even see how that is possible.

Put everything into him let others do some support (dmg on Bosses in the first few waves, slows stuns etc later on) but let him get the kills

Makes sense while reading but ive tried 2 runs and didnt get past 80. 1 run I had a AoE carry 1 run I had a Single Target carry. Support were spider for slow, beaver for stun, pub, witch and a gold cube (forgot the name). Guess Ill just keep trying as all YT content is 4+ years old.

Just had a darn successful run. Got to wave 154! Early game: Dandelion and 2x herb witch, first 3 4x spider + 4x beaver, middle 8 6x jilly, last spots. Wave 50+: Switched Dandelion for Electric Chair. 1 jilly for bear hunter Wave 100+: Switched out 1 spider for black widow. 1 beaver for mr Iron 1 jilly for the temple thing Had Yin/Yang on Chair and mr Iron Any tips to this setup? Would be greatly appreciated!

I like to put my strongest tower in the middle 8. Any of the 4 middle spots are pretty good. Depending on the range of your carry tower, you could argue one of those 4 spots is slightly better, but they're all good locations for the carry. Then, if you start to be bit too weak, you can throw a dandelion in the front 3 to weaken the creeps before they get to your main tower. Although, if you are using electric chair as a carry (a hard carry to use, in my opinion), then you probably want him in the front 3 spots so you can rush the next wave to help finish off the previous wave. That's a dangerous game to play, but it's how electric chair works. About the "Only 1 tower to get all kills? I cant even see how that is possible." comment: As far as 1 tower for "all" the kills. In my eyes, that means 1 tower gets >60% of the kills. If the carry has 80% of the kills, I'm happy.

I got a lot to try out. I will give all the above comments a try or 7 and find out where I can improve. Thank you everyone for the fast and detailed answers! To be honest I never even dared to hope for such replies. Great to see that this game has such a fantastic and friendly player base, im glad to be part of it!

Have you joined the Mazebert Discord server? The invite link is in the app in the multiplayer section. Mazebert > New Game > Multiplayer > top of screen

I have not, i will tho! Thank you. Also.. Want to let you all know ive just now won my very first game!! With 167s bonus round. Managed to get it done with a scarface carry in the mid8 spot. Knuspherexe and abyss knight in first 3 for buff/debuff. Spider and jillys around the map. Thank you all soooooooo much for the help. The difference this knowledge gives in how the game works is amazing, I cant say ty enough! Also.. Andy... you are an absolute genious for developing this game, wish I found it sooner!

Gratz. But you are aware that Scarface does not benefit from abyss?

Well played sir on your first win! the addiction has begun!

Yes Kami,but all the jillys and spiders do. Maybe useless but that way I tried to up their dmg a little without too much effort.

Last update, just for giggles. Just won my second game with 583 bonus seconds. Carry - scarface Supports - spider, herb witch, gold bin, black widow, jillys, knuspherexe. Replaced Balu (who had 88 cuddles) with mr Iron, didnt realise the bonus dmg would go away.. silly me) Thank you all for the tips and tricks. I feel like I can now actually push bonus seconds and higher difficulties.

finally! xD

Congrats on this! :) Just realised i wasnt logged in so i wasnt aware of all your postings :/