Caps for stats

I was thinking about the caps of some stats. I read in the forum that luck caps at 80% and I know that the attack speed caps at 0.01s(min), but I am not sure about crit chance. Does the crit chance for a normal crit cap at 100% and for every multicrit you need 100% extra?

Luck caps at 80% yeah, totally forgot that, but I've ported that cap (phew)! Crit chance does not cap: For every successful multicrit it is reduced by 20%. For example if your tower has 100% crit chance for the first crit, the chance for the next multicrit will be 80%, for the next multicrit 64% and so on.

Oh and it's not luck that caps at 80%, but the chance for something good to happen.

Oh okay, it is nice to know how the crit chance works. I just realised that I forgot to ask about the item drop chance and item quality, does it cap at 100% or is it like the 80% chance for luck/something good to happen?