Cards from Hindu scriptures

Hello Andy. I just wanted to ask one question. How did you come across Ganesha and Ila cards? Did you read about them anywhere? I'm a Hindu and Ganesha is one of our primary deities who we worship when we begin any new work. Years back when I first started playing Mazebert this is one of the things that attracted me. A card of Lord Ganesha itself. Next, we have that Ila's spirit of Metamorphosis which clearly mentions Sudyumna who is an androgyne deity in Hindu scriptures. As a male he is Sudyumna and as a female, he is known as Ila. I'm just amazed that you have added so much cultural diversity in your cards from Hindu to Norse to Greek and so on... Good work man.

Thanks! I'm a huge fan of Ganesha. I remember there was Daniel, who had the idea of a tower that levels up whenever another tower levels up and Ganesha seemed to perfectly fit for it. For the Metamorphosis potion I have to admit I did some googling and learned about Ila - which seemed to be the perfect lore for that card :-) I'm very happy you like it!

I must say that now it is mentioned, it is nice that there is some diversity of cultural background.