Change Ladder name

Sorry but may i know how to change my ladder name? I ask my friend to help me register and what he gave me is (two spacebar) And his reason is "Someone put his name as (one sapcebar)" Pls, i really dont want to have such Username...

Hmm, true that's really a strange name. Technically it's not possible to change your wizard name, but in this case we will make an exception! What nick would you like to use instead of Mr. Double-Space? :mrgreen:

Thanks, i think UsernameXD should be ok... Same as my ID.. Thanks again Btw my ID is literally two space bar... You can find at rank 919 somewhere there

Changed your name! Not sure if it will show up in game correctly after synchronizing with the server. After a fresh install and loading the save code it will be fine. At least in the ladder and on the forum it is now UsernameXD already. Cheers!

Erm, my rank is 798 now but my name in ladder still remain " ". Do i need to uninstall the game in my phone to see the change? When i mean ladder, i mean the ladder rank and forum in the website. Thanks

Hey there! Sorry for late reply! It looks like when the game synchronizes its progress with the server, the name in the db is overwritten by the client again. Will have to patch this on server side first, otherwise I keep changing your name, as soon as you continue playing my changes are overwritten again ^^ Will report back here as soon as it is working.

I submitted the patch to the production server and changed your name again. It should work now :-)

Thanks so much...

Please,registration me of game