I vote for my record being removed from ladder. Cheating is very easy and it's also easy to patch. Only reason i died was bc I sold my carry-tower.

Would't it also be great if you told Andy how you did so he can prevent it?

Thought it would be appropriate to solve this through PM and not spreading the exploit. If Andy thinks differently I'll ofc make it known.

@Hoid the main problem is, that the game runs completely offline and only synchronizes from time to time with the backend when it has internet access. So naturally the game will never be impossible to cheat with. I did a few things to make it a bit harder to manipulate certain key fields around scores etc, but everything related to towers is not protected my those mechanisms, mainly due to performance reasons on mobile. I'm not sure what you did exactly, but I guess it must be something like this.. Of course I'd be happy if you find the time to drop me a PN and describe what you did exactly. PS: Did reset your score as requested :-)

Maybe he did one of the glitches from before? I know I did for giggles (Though I also killed my run one second one of the bonus round).

Don't know if it's a known exploit/glitch, but I did pretty much what you thought. When you change the save-file, you could add a flag that reports the score to be "bad" and not sync with internet. My prefered solution would be a permanent pause if you change the save-file. Shouldn't decrease preformance too much, I think... The main reason behind me trying to cheat was to get multiple time scepters.

@Andy I just noticed that it seems like have donated. But i think there is a glitch when you use your savecode to connect to a phone that had a user that had donated it will look like u donated too(Would't mind keeping it though ;) jk)

If Andy spent the time to try and fix every possible way to hack this game, he would have no time for actually developing game play further as he has been doing... Even if this game was online, no mobile games run on authoritative servers and thus hacking would be relatively easy. some players have happened across, or noticed exploits here or their and used them for scores - they generally report the (in-game) issue and actually end up helping game development. These are bugs that actually need fixing. It sounds like all you have done is purposely and maliciously changed some files/values for a high score. I'm sure anyone who does this sort of thing will be bored of Mazebert rather quickly, and those of us who enjoy an actual mental challenge will still be here playing.

This thread was not started to discuss the merits and demerits of cheating. Even though some might find it to be an interesting topic, I would prefer if you started your own thread. This one, is as far as I am concerned closed.

@zzking this actually is a feature, not a bug :-) When validating player donations on server-side I implemented it as liberal as possible. This means, as soon as you donated with your GooglePlay account, every mazebert profile that signs in on your phone and synchronizes with the backend will receive the donation rewards as well. I explicitly do not check if the player id still matches! The main reason is that I absolutly don't want players who lost their safe code lose their donations as well when they create a new player profile. PS: Still happy about real donations though :-)

@Hoid, I'm a bit suprised that the savegame manipulation worked out. Because the savegames are signed and verified when the game loads. When the game detects a signature mismatch a funny message should be displayed with a hint to undo the modifications in order to continue. So did you crack the signature creation? PS: How many scepters did you end up with in the end that allowed for sane gameplay? ^^

@Andy, I didn't crack the verification, I am not that good, not even close. I got the message, but the problem is that it only resets gold and tower levels. But not how many pots each tower has drunk, nor which items the tower carries. I ended up with 15 scepters i think, maybe even more, you only have to add them in inventory. A funny thing is that the bonus XP doesn't have time to react so my xp didn't grow insanely. Another effect of savegame manipulation is that the game won't save again, so you have to make it in one go. Since you already have the verification, it should be easy to also block the things I mentioned. Sorry for not sending a PM, never found the function. Edit: another effect of having too many scepters is that the tower will leak, even though it would have cleared the wave in normal speed. To solve this I had to use a reaver for splash.

Ah damn it :-D I really didn't think about that possibility. Will definitely add that in case a savegame modification was detected, no xp / bonus round xp will be generated. Thanks for the feedback on this :-)