Chinese please

I am a Chinese player and I love this game. But I can share with my friends because their poor English ( ´_ゝ`)(so do I)

What?..... but GL & HF

@moulei Welcome on board! I'm glad you enjoy the game and appreciate your suggestion. However (as I'm the only dev and it's a hobby project) my policy is strictly English only for this game. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to create new content as fast as I would like to (it's already much slower than I did hope for :-/). Technically speaking, Mandarin would be a big challenge. Currently the game uses fast bitmap fonts, optimized for mobile. This means a texture atlas is used with a region for each letter of the (English) alphabet. For Mandarin this approach would not work any longer, thus I would need to implement vector based fonts. Which is quite challenging with the current technology stack (Adobe AIR). Sorry to disappoint you :-( But I fear this is not very likely to be added to the game. Still, the game might be a good opportunity to get to learn the English language a bit better?

How can I get the game's text? We've There are some people in Chinese forum willing to translate There's my email:moulei@outlook.com

Thx…i can't say clearly

I have also found that Chinese bitmap fonts, vector fonts do not necessarily need

Thanks for the offer and opportunity. But adding other languages is currently not on my roadmap unfortunately.