Current run: Hard mode +45k seconds on bonus round

Can't believe I've gotten this far in hard mode without seelenreiser, without spectral set or any "super strong items" (except hydra). I'm also just using the +100% wizard exp skill And I'm still going strong! Might reach 50k+ seconds if I'm lucky (Image of my current tower placement/run) Feels great!

Nice man! Is shadow your main tower?

Yep! His items are Frozen Heart(have nothing better) M.Reaver Hydra Excalibur Blade of Darkness I missed the Seelenreiser christmas gift that you had 2016 by 1-3 weeks. That's when I started! So many great pc and console games that's been released over the years, altho this is the game I keep coming back to!

Very cool! Love the supporting mr. irons and jillies you have on the field. Have you unlocked Reginn already by beating golden grounds? You could skip RNG and get a Seelenreisser from him directly then.

I actually havent tried beating golden grounds yet, I was hoping I'd get a golden shadow first, so I could fly through it. But I think it's worth a shot! I had put golden grounds aside for 2 years now haha. Time to try it. The mr.irons are really good supporters! Might have been better to even add a 4th one next to Dark Forge, to merge alot of keys to max out the 3 jillies at the back to lvl 99. Then get him to 0,07-0,1 atk speed with 2 withered set and 2 frozen set. There is always something to improve in the next run! That's what i like!

My new record!!! 58k+ seconds!!!

I did beat golden grounds just now and bought Seelenreiser and spectral set! Let's see how far I can go now!

Nice!! Congratz 👍

Very cool. About coming back to it... i thought i had maxed out my strategies a while back, and gave up on it. Then in Nov-Dec i had a bunch of flights so i picked it up again, and blew my old records out of the water. Little obsessed again... just climbed from ~250 to 90 on the ladder

Same, after a while it feels like you "perfected" your strategy. This hard run I currently am doing might go beyond 100,000 seconds in bonus round!