Deck Master, Favorite card?

What is your favorite deckmaster card? as the unique cards get dealt anyway i dont feel i have to rush it to get them faster but in the beginning i like to use the money bin as my first rare tower to get the gold income up fast, though i like to start with as many pocket thieves as i can too(pref. 3-6 thieves) but i dont feel a common card is a valid card to waste skill points on so i always go for money bin(rare, 4 skill points), though i am in conflict with myself as gold becomes obsolete later on but potions never does i think either holgar or acolyte of greed would also be preferable to any other cards, how do you do and how do you plan your strat on this? i just got deck master last week so i havent figured it all out yet ;) peace //

I'm not too used to deckmaster yet, but i normally go for Knusper if she is available (Abyss if i go for shadow solo). That armor reduction is quite useful. Anyway i always pick some boost tower (Abyss, Knusper, sometimes even the Widow if i fell like im unlucky with drops the earlier rounds). Dont think Blofield or Balu etc would be a good tower to pick startin with. You cant provide the upkeep for blofield anyway early on and building it as late as possible is best option. Basically i use deckmaster only if i got the "Black mirror" quest to do. Since i go for a 200 rounds game here. I dont think it matters in the long run (500 rounds) if you get a Abyss/Knusper a few rounds earlier. And about picking a yellow/blue/white card. I dunno if it really pays out to spend 1-5(or is it 6?) points here. Better use it for a tiny dmg boost on the start rounds. If i could pick a legendary item... that would be a whole new story ;D Btw. what is that Potion doing, that you get if you spend the 3 bucks in the tavern? Just that sparkling effect or anything else? Hoped it would turn a unit to the "Dark" side if ya know what i mean ^^

okey so you go for the uniques huh? =) as you said i dont either think it matters with A-K/knusper a few rounds earlier thats why i go for money so i can get the other towers out as soon as possible, when i get the widow i replace money bin with her. After wizard lvl 70 you have almost all skills anyway, only i discarded wizard 100%hp as i don't have the blood deamon yet, and berserker?(i think its the name of +%crit dmg skill) and the scepter skills, as i feel 10% crit dmg boost won't help much anyway and i always kinda felt the scepter makes you miss out on some of the shadows adaptations and in the bonus rounds i leak fast with scepter and i dont leak without. I spent 4 skillpoints on the deckmaster to get to pick a rare card(yellow) 7 for a unique(purple) and in the beginning it takes awhile to get enough money to afford uniques so thats why i go for rare and money bin, but holgar is also useful as he is a great main and he gives a lot of potions, or acolyte of greed that you can get up to 5 treasure goblins from and thus lots of potions and equipment. this is the supporter badge info: https://mazebert.com/2014/12/17/supporter-badge/ this is the supporter cards: https://mazebert.com/2014/12/14/all-new-cards-in-1-0/

Holgar and always holgar if I play with nature race. Money bin or black widow in metro race And for dark... never choose one. Cos knux and BK are too expensive for deck master. And i never solo dark. Yeah, i still wondering the effect of angelic potion. Aside the sparkling light, it has no other effects. Only tower coolness +1 . Lol