Desktop version?

Hey can someone tell me how to download mazebert TD to computer? :D

Well Buddy, #1st.: Please open a new topic for such an question =), Thank you in advance, for the next time. #2nd.: As far as i know there has been an Desktop version once upon a time ;)) . But that was just for bughunting and starting off if i got it right. Right now as far as i know, there is only the Handy-Version out there. One of the reason i THINK i saw stated is, that its harder to hack like this. Anyway, Andy might clear it up in time. But i dont think there is still a desktop version floating around.

Moved it to a new topic. Yep, currently there is no desktop version available for download. I has been, but the game is optimized for phone screens and touch interaction, not for desktop screens and mouse interaction. So with the first official release on Christmas the game went mobile only. There's also a blog post about the reasons for this step. Cheers Andy