Does anybody know who or what keeps track of savecodes

Id love the answer to this question because ive tried everything to recover my first account and cant get it. Please guys i need help

They are stored in the ladder database on the mazebert server. About recovery of your account, please check my answer here.

I would email you but i cant find your email anywhere on the website (not trying to sound angry or rude) so could u just email me first so i know what it is please

Would it be possible to recover my account too? I didn't save my passcode and my phone died inexplicably a few days ago. My account name is the same as my forum name. Any help is appreciated.

Hey, I found three StirfryNinja's in the database! One of them level 45 and two them level 2. I guess your account is the level 45 one? It actually has a gmail address attached to it, so basically you should be able to restore it by email. Let me know if this worked out for you!

Hey thanks for replying. When I tried to use the email restore though the app at first it said it didn't exist. I did manage to work it out in the end though. Thanks for your help!

Glad it worked out :-)

And the day is saved thanks to andy the super smart guy. Lol