End Game Content

I used to think comments like Abbot's were odd, but now I kinda get it. I just don't see much progression between each level and without the dagger it seems like it might be pretty difficult for me to improve my bonus score (Though I do admit a better player probably could move up the ladder with the cards I already have). I tend to only play once three quests have stacked up, I don't have any great ideas to fix this other than why don't more quests generate everyday, or why aren't quests generated as quests are completed? The worst I could see happening is everybody ends up with all the gold cards (based on receiving more points to spend. I forgot what they are called) and plays the game a bit more with golden grounds becoming just a normal stage for most.

I think it is about time for the christmas version with new content :-) Two more weeks to go, working hard to keep the deadline!

I don't think anyone is upset with you Andy, or assuming things are taking too long. I understand what he means though. Without access to some content (Locked off by the RNG gods) it does feel like you're being artificially held back, which can be a bit frustrating. Hopefully the larger pool with the Christmas update will make things better. Another option would be to make the Black Market maintain its cost, but guarantee an item you don't currently have. After blowing well over 3000 Card Relics in the Forge and getting absolutely none of the three cards I was hoping to see, and having the Black Market provide me two new cards and three duplicates, the "draw" to keep playing starts to go away.

Yeah, I just wanted to clarify. I love the game. I am just looking for something more to keep drawing me in endgame-ish. As a semi-casual player (who spends way too much time on his phone), I don't see myself constantly drawn by the goal to improve my ladder position. Maybe there is something we could brainstorm as a community, to keep pulling in non-competitive players like myself? But of course I'm totally excited for the coming update!

I'm not sure how to engage the Semi-Casual phone players (Which I would consider myself a part of), but I would still love to see a "developers' release" on PC so we could play around by adding in new towers/items/potions/enemy types/maps and checking for balance. If it works, could be submitted to Andy. If it doesn't, no skin off anyone's nose as it would only be for fun anyways. I suppose for phones, more things to do could help those of us burnt out on rolling the dice on the Card Forge. Bloons 5 has a good example of that. Doesn't matter if you've played 2 hours of that game or 200 hours, there's ALWAYS something you haven't done, something you haven't seen.

@Trite, I'm very much up for that! Basically this game lives from its endgame content and you are right, if it all comes down to getting all golden cards to try out new builds, this is not enough. What I can think of right now: - More maps with new challenges? - More quests to complete? - Level up heroes as you do level up your wizard? - ... Open for any cool ideas! Problem is: The spirit of the upcoming version is pretty much about increasing usability of the game. Of course there are few new cards, but no groundbreaking new game concepts. But I think this could be a great discussion to start for the version after Christmas!

I Agree with all of you but can we please keep that discussion out of the black market thread?

Agreed. Split into a new topic -> End Game Content

Andy your involvement with the community is inspiring and I hope more independent developers are able to see and appreciate that. I think my friend who plays under the name artifice summed up late game mazebert the best. Basically it stops being a fluid, dynamic game where you have to make decisions based on the cards you're dealt. It starts to become formulaic and the only way to improve is through the luck of the Forge. That's not to say it's not an immensely fun and deep and addicting game still, but the allure begins to wane as it seems to rely more on getting lucky than getting better. I get the impression you're suggesting the Christmas update will address this and I'm relieved to see that. I am looking forward to having more unique runs in the future.

I've tried to think over any changes I would suggest (as studying for finals tends to lead to procrastination). Only two things come to mind and would add some variation for me. 1. As an RPG kinda guy I would love to see endgame bosses other than the horseman. Maybe a pool of 10 or so unique enemies which only appear wave 200 (or 300, 400, 500 based on points spent). One example might be a boss who has an extremely large health pool and moves quickly, but has a small chance to be set back by all hits (similar to the set whose name escapes me, but for all hits). Or maybe a Boss that rotates between immune to ber, vex, or fal on hit or even crit if you wanted to focus on carry hits only. I am sure this would require excessive balance testing, but similar to contests for new heroes creates a new opportunity for community involvement. 2. Second (I saw this somewhere else in the forums awhile ago, and can't remember who to credit it to) harder quests. Perhaps, I don't have perspective now that I am +90 levels, but currently the quests are relatively easy. In fact I am sure that I have pack of wolves through all but darkness and metropolis only on hard with the 100% experience hero without significant difficulty. Now that I read that, maybe that is a comment on how easy the wolves are to use though.... Either way a I remember reading some suggest that a second tier of quests (worth double gold maybe?), one that casuals low on the ladder like me could struggle to complete sounds fun. Disclaimer: I am a parent/accountant/student who has never made a game or done anything computerish outside of excel and access so I have no concept of how much work goes into this sort of thing. Feel free to ignore all my notes and I will still enjoy playing Mazebert.