Fan Art

Just some fan art of Mazebert TD characters! I made them in Photoshop and with a graphics tablet, with some references. My history with drawing isn't too vast, but it was super fun to draw these and colour them in :D I wouldn't say that they are "finished", as obviously I'm not a great artist, and I expect as I get better with my tablet and Photoshop, these images will improve :) ^ Shadow ^ Herb Witch ^ Gib, the Frozen Daemon Does anyone else have any fan art they'd like to share? :P

The herb witch is sick! I think that a mage tower could have that as its pic. Shadow looks great too. Maybe there's too contrast but I'm on phone and the site's BG could be enhancing the black so nothing to say. Gib looks great but IMO it doesn't fit the card, it's just the way I thought of it tho. You're an awesome drawer!

If Hrolgar had a shield, I would love to see your gib as his coat of arms, as he comes from the cold north. I like your work and dedication to this game. I thought, maybe we can add a sort of lore page later with a drawing and a little background story to every tower (a little like LOL characters, or Diablo III, oh how i loved to read about enemies, locations and characters while waiting for the game to be released). This would surely fit.

^I love lore stories, especially LoL's. My suggestion was adding in an extra "swipe" panel when you build the tower, that'd be dedicated to the lore of the tower. It'd be super cool. Maybe we could write some fanfiction in the meantime though! :P

Nice idea. And you play LoL (league of legends). Me too. I remember when i first started playing LoL i practically spent an hour reading all their lores. Haha.

That's a really nice idea! With 0.10.0 I also adjusted the data structures, so that tower infos can be more easily displayed on the website. So it would be possible to improve the tower library on the website with those stories, for a start! When I created the tower library last year I started this for two towers, but the result isn't that great yet: - http://www.mazebert.com/towers/baby-rabbit - https://mazebert.com/towers/electric-chair/ I'm totally in to give this a try :-)

I like those two stories, Andy :3 I'll start thinking of some fan lore to go along with my fan art above.

I'm not that good but hope you like my fan art of hitman

^COOL! Please draw more! Do Pocket Thief next!

Thanks @Jhoijhoi. I'm glad ypu liked it. Got no PC or tab to draw it so did by hand. Your drawings got me i inspired. And by the way lores would be a great addition to the game and i also played LoL.. XD

Just a sketch. Fan art on pocket thief

Just a rough sketch though. Pocket Thief. XD

@icen These sketches of yours are AMAZING! Just out of curiosity: Have you ever done characters for a video game? Or would be interested in trying it? To be honest, I'm more programmer than artist and my current character artwork is.. meow.. Let's say it's improvable ;-)

@Andy: No. I never did those. I also dont know how to use any apps, just a pencil and ballpoint. Haha. I was like watching anime as a kid and would sometimes draw or copy them. When I'm doing nothing I would just scribble or sketch. Your drawings are nice man. It gives a sense of uniqueness to the cards. Wouldn't change it a bit.

dont mess with the bunny...

Hehe, I like that rabbit. And thanks for the kind words, sir!

Hehe.. Thanks sir @Andy

@icen, Oooh, love the Pocket Thief! She's gorgeous! And the bunny is super cute too :D Would love to see those characters in the game! I play LoL on the Oceanic server, as I live in Australia :) I'm jhoijhoilion there ^^ As for fan fiction/lore... I could totally see the Hitman and Pocket Thief being in each other's lives... Dark, gloomy and wet - a typical day at Metropolis. Hitman adjusted his position slightly and glanced down his sniper from the bell tower, his legs cramped and back aching from prolonged stillness. He was waiting for his Mark, a nuisance who had been stealing all manner of items in upper Metropolis. Hitman had no scruples about killing, especially when he was being paid heavily by the town dignitaries sick of their gold coin purses being cut. He had been lying for hours, watching the transactions of the marketplace below him, ignoring the rumble of his empty stomach as the smells of a close-by food vendor wafted over to him on a tendril of breeze. It was the glint of steel that caught Hitman's eye. A small dagger flashed and a fat purse left the ample hip of a noble, into the hand of the Pocket Thief. Hitman's trigger finger froze as his Mark came under the cross-hairs. The Pocket Thief was a woman.

So cool :-) Time to extend the tower section!

@Jhoijhoi: glad you liked it. Yeah i totally see them together like how you described them. They could be like an accidental tag team or whatever. I'm like imagining after the above scenario, he begins to stalk her and as he begins to see the life of a metropolitan beneath the poverty line, he soon begins to understand her cause. And when she got herself into trouble he instead fires at a dagger that was about to stab her in the back. And as she turns she see where it came fron she sees nothing but the shadow of her stalker. Thats only how i imagine it though. Haha I play LoL but not on an international server. Just a local server here on the Philippines. I go by icendale. ^_^ @Andy: please do. XD

Wow nice icen. I play LoL to here in the philippines. Filipino? Kababayan? I play by the name malrorek. ^_^ Very nice drawings by the way!!! ^_- Already added you in LoL. ^_^

@malrorek: Yup kababayan. Pero nowadays hindi n ako nkakapaglaro eh. Minsan minsan na lang. I'll confirm it when I find time to play. Thanks tol.

Ok. See you if i see you in LoL.

Nice Story @Jhoijhoi! :)

@icen, actually, that's exactly what I pictured. Except he follows her for some time and actually hinders any law enforcement trying to capture her :P He's like her guardian angel. @ManuWins: Thanks! I'll write more when I have time.

Man I haven't touched my tablet in so long.. really fell away from art. Might have to reinstall photoshop and tablet and do some doodles. A link to my old deviantart page: http://bmcd42.deviantart.com/gallery/

@jhoijhoi: that's nice. Really great. Like it very much.I'm thinking of so many things right now that could add up to their story. Maybe sometime later she begins to suspect someone is on the background. And as she tries to find out, he always seems to be 2steps ahead and she never catches him. @vigi: nice drawings man. Wish i can doodle like that hahaha

@Vigi that's very impressive! Wish I could draw like that!

@icen: Yup! Hmm, maybe we can write a collaborate story for them, if you'd like? We'd just have to set up a Google doc or Pad and we could write together? @Vigi: Awesome work! Definitely reinstall Photoshop and get cracking with some fan art :P Would love to see one of the nature cards... what about the Wolf? (seeing as you have a wolf in your gallery)

Anyone seen the movie Wild Target? The name of the movie was something like that... Movie is about a hitman that gets accidentally accompanied by a thief and a guy who doesn't get everything. Lore ideas?

Rupert Grint is in that movie

@jhoijhoi: oh, I like your idea :-D . But I'm not very vivid when describing what i have in mind. Haha. Its like I never can put into words exactly what I imagine. Seeing as how you wrote the lore I'm pretty much sure your more adept to it than me. But I am wiling to give it a try or maybe give some of my ideas.

Is there any other living being besides humans? This is the question that always haunted Metropolis' scientists. It was just in summer's heat that a mad scientist realized a way to finally give peace to all his colleague, something he would have called: Blofeld Laser Satellite. He long awaited the annual convention where all Metropolis' most renowned researchers gathered in the same place to discuss new discoveries. As he was describing how Blofeld Laser Satellite would have worked a man said: "This is going to cost us a lot of money!", the mad scientist so caught on his project never thought of this, but the man was right: it was the most expensive thing in the world. At that point all the scientists in the hall started mumbling; it was clear to the mad scientist what they were saying, 'how are we going to pay for such technology?'. One of the richest man in Metropolis then took the microphone and said: "Well, gentlemen, I have a solution. I can offer my Money Bins to this project, but I'd like to have a new armor, one that can absorb whatever gadgets I equip.". "Yes, yes. I can do that!" said the mad scientist "I only need to readjust some of my projects!". And so it was done, the bins were given and slowly the Blofeld Laser Satellite was built. The scientists saw there was indeed other living beings other than humans, they called them creeps, for their strange look. A new Era had begun. The creeps felt danger, they started to invade metropolis to crush human's castle. The mad scientist soon realized that his Blofeld Laser Satellite could have been used as a weapon and he started to use it, no more as a science instrument, but as a defensive structure. But the cost of each laser beam was draining the money they saved this far. The Blofeld Laser Satellite, once one of the strongest equipment of all town had become something that merely slowed the countdown, their last resort. So every scientist started to study creeps in all their forms, they gained knowledge for every creep they saw. I thought I could add another story to this. :) Thanks for reading it, lemme know what you think, -Manu.

Ties multiple tower lores together :) I like that story. Maybe Mazebert FanFiction is about to raise its head?

A very good read indeed, thanks Manu!

I started it with only Blofeld and Scientist, but, oh well, turns out I needed 2 more. ;) Thanks @Dragoneses and @Andy. :)

Nice one Manu.. :-D

Thanks a lot @Icen! Sorry for the tremendously late reply, can't receive notification mails. >_>

"Yes... as black as she is..." such were the effort of a metropolitan noble to speak as he comes to his last gasp of air. "The Black Widow" were but his muffled last words. A noble by birth but nothing more but a beggar upon his death. Allured, enticed, seduced out of everything he ever had. Unknowing of the webs of deceit that was to be in his wake. She spins carefully. Each black tread tucked as to conceal her morbid plan. Fragile and delicate as she seems, make not the mistake of believing so. For she is nothing of that sort. Her seductive artistry is nothing but an illusionary veil to hide her tapestry of deceit. Once caught, you're like a fly on a web, soon to be sucked out of all of which you have and will ever have. She leaves nothing behind including which you cherish above all else -your life Yes, she is the Black Widow. The widow of yet another "poor" noble, the 10th "fly" caught in her black webs.

Awesome @icen! Fits the card perfectly :D

nice one @Icen. ;)

it looks like an angry elephant haha. It's a shame the resolution isn't optimal. :( looks super nice tho! Great job buddy!

@ManuWins: its a ballpoint drawing taken with a mobile cam so cant do much about the resolution. Hahaha. Its how i imagine Ganesha would be. Haha.. he is composed and calm but if warranted he could bring about a huge havoc. Hahaha.. and thats him bringing it on. Hahaha..

And I have this huge lore in mind that could tie up all nature cards together. Haha. Its in Bear Hunter's point of view (like he is telling the story). He narrates about how Ganesha and Manitou came about. But been really busy lately havent had the time to put it in.

you now what I'd like? To receive notifications again. Hehe. It's a shame the resolution isn't optimal, but that's not a big deal, it's cool. :) When you can it would be awesome to read!