Fingers getting tired swiping up? Thumbs can't Drink Potions fast enough?

Here's a quick shell script that imitates the button press for drinking. This is tested on the Moto X.
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 3 57 4475
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 3 53 227
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 3 54 1059
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 3 58 39
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 3 48 39
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 0 0 0
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 3 57 4294967295
adb shell sendevent /dev/input/event2 0 0 0
I'll have the swiping one posted in a few. This helps with the transmutation of the meads so I don't have to interact with the process. Plus I throw it in a multithreaded function, and in 10 minutes all potions are drank, without any intervention.

Haha that's really cool :-) The first bot script for mazebert. Made me think though. Maybe we need some kind of shortcut for this in the game in future?

I would love to see some kind of mass-potion drinking interface, and some sort of mass-item converting organizer (including an option to automatically perform a certain task whenever a specific item comes in). It would be great to focus more on the map and towers and less on swiping. Any suggestions I offer are put forth in a spirit of appreciation for all your hard work and, I hope, won't be received as critical.

That would be nice, kinda of like a transmute all of currently selected item. Or drink all. I don't know if this is a pro or a con to the game though. Ever since the Mead was changed to a common potion, it's more work than anything to transmute, which is probably the reason why most people end up dying in the survival rounds. But since I started the script, I just gave Holgar some lucky pants, and farmed Meads. The bot script list me transmute all my potions rapidly and boosted my 2nd Carry Tower Stupidly High. Also, I made calculations for some of the creatures to determine how long it takes to get them to 0 speed. So with a bunch of gibs and lillies at 0 speed, and 2 carry towers. All lillies and gibs equipped with withered set and lucky pants (Viking Helmets if I ran out of lucky pants) Plus a Mr. Iron with withered set and luck at 1330%. I'm still going on survival at 18745 second... This should probably be posted in balancing...but luck stat needs to get nerfed. It looks like it's a 1 to 1 correlation. 2% chance with 100% luck means a 4% chance 4% chance with 100% luck means a 8% chance 2% chance with 200% luck means a 6% chance 4% chance with 200% luck means a 12% chance etc etc Mr. Iron keeps sending back all the enemies that aren't getting killed. Also, decrease his range with reaper and it's guaranteed that he'll the first enemy.

Never really thought of decreasing the range of Mr. Iron with the Reaver - makes so much sense though :) Grats on the long survival time!

Yeah andy, i am really tired drinking over 200 potions, or swiping hundred cards, or swiping thousand items lol. Would be great if you provide "swipe all" or "drink all" button. Extra: just and idea, would be nice also if you add "construct" button in the item window of Mr. Iron's card. Making him eat hundred item also tiring me. Lol Thanks for making this great game. I messed up my jobs just beat the score. Lol. Cherio

Yes, it's time to add such a feature in the next version. Still making my mind up about the interface, but my current favorite is a long press gesture. Long press on card + swipe up = Trade entire stack Long press on drink + release = Drink entire stack

Yes! This! I was starting to play again and with all the goblins and mead bottles swiping up and hitting drink were we only things i was doing. Also if you transmute into the same category it is really annoying that you are moved to the new item/tower/potion. This wont be a problem with the new feature though.