First Android alpha release of new version

Yeehaw! There is an Android alpha release of the new version (~30 Mb): https://mazebert.com Would be super excited if you'd give it a try!

I like that I can actually now play multiple saved game and picking wave times is not using skill points I have 2 phones and a Wizard account wanna try it out myself but I'm unable start a game with just 1 account is it forbidden?(i 'm out of word) kinda lazy creating new wizard

Hi Jec, oh yeah that's something I haven't thought about yet. Currently the ladder player id is used to identify the different players and with the same id the game wouldn't know who is who. Also, currently creating a new account is not yet implemented in the new version :-/

Alright, I've cloned your account on the dev ladder (Jec2). The savecode is the same, but the last letter of the code being a 'z'. So you could use that on the other phone :-) PS: Thank you so much for your feedback and testing the alpha!

oh yeah that was fast going to try it now very excited

alright here is the proof that I Joined the two accounts but still wouldn't start the game https://ibb.co/xzyHQZQ the ready button stays ready button

After joining, have you pressed ready on both devices?

yeah multiple times already and still no response :(

I think I should start playing single player and find some pesky bugs ?

Oh, are your devices connected via WiFi or Mobile Carrier?

I've just opened a game, maybe we can try if joining this works?

via mobile pocket wifi yeah via wifi

I just joined on your game

Oh dear, yeah I see what's going on now. Your provider is assigning each outgoing packet a new port, and the NAT traversal fails. I'm receiving data from you but the other direction fails every time :-(

Can we try it the other way around? You open a game and I try to join it?

do you think i can workaround this by using iptables? i'm no pro but i wanna know and try

To be honest, I'm not sure. But I think the problem isn't that the UDP traffic is forbidden, but rather the behavior of the NAT of your mobile provider (all mobile providers I've seen behave like this, so no blame). On my end, I've planned to add a local game discovery, which does not need a server at all. I think this would be the perfect match for your current setup :-) I had a prototype of it when I started with the multiplayer, but it needs some serious improvements to somewhat usable.

ohh maybe i should try to change isp, local multiplayer is what im looking for without the need to connect to remote server. thanks btw

i could test the prototype local multiplayer

but i have no pc to pull crashlog if anything happens sadly

Heya Jec, do you wanna resume our last game?

yeah im waiting

Cool, you need to go 'resume game' -> multiplayer with Andy

Looks kinda stuck.. Did the game load for you?

Okay it looks like it's crashing during loading the game. I have your crashlog - will check out what the problem is!

it was so cool playing via multiplayer ofcourse with Andy finding bugs to improve the game hope to play with other players soon

Thanks Jec! Btw, i've fixed the bug with electric chair, that we discovered :-) Uploading a fixed version now...

the game wont stop even if i minimize it, until i actually pause the game. cool!

Is Knus be able to eat mass creeps revive again with the new engine without any problem unlike the stable version?

i cant progress with this beta because the easy mode is like normal mode i thought the normal mode is how the game it should be and you add easy ofcourse to make it easy and hard if youre up for a challenge

Yes, eating revives, should no longer be a problem! Hmm, so the game is too hard now on easy you say?

Yea I guess so cause if miss Jilly is my 1st and only tower in stable version I think, I can go atleast 20 rounds without leak but with this beta i cannot

I'd like to have a 100% chance to get all unique/legendary stuff before or at last wave atleast. So you can always work on a strategy that you can improve on. The decrease in drop rates are fine, but if we can no longer have a certainty to get all uniques/lengedary stuff before/at last wave, I don't see myself ever beating my old record of 70k seconds on hard mode.

But doesn't this defeat the point of random drops? The best Mazebert games I had were those when things didn't work out as planned exactly and I had to improvise :-)

I'm not sure, maybe it's just not my cup of tea. I like to have the full rng during the game(wave 1-500). But at bonus round is where I love to improve my strategy to always get better and further each time.

Even with the current changes after 500 rounds there's a good chance for a lot of uniques/legendaries to be dropped. But they won't be all there at wave 200 ish already. Which makes the more casual rounds more challanging and less repetitive, hopefully! What I had problems with was that it was possible to carry with one tower through the start of the game (and that on hard!). Which I think made the beginng less interesting as it deserves to be.

Will be interesting to try out. Any estimated release date?

When drops aren't certain, it will atleast give us reason to pick a unique or legendary starting card