Flawless game

so I beat the game flawlessly. I'm level 40 I think and I didn't have much luck on this, in fact I couldn't get few items like Excalibur, Messershmidt's Reaver etc. I manage to get few Rare T-bone steaks (4 maybe) and two Blades of darkness. I used Shadow as carry and main tower. In order to flawless the game I had to sacrifice an Elvis Imitator with the last Horseman of the Apocalypse. I could win even without doing it, but I wanted a flawless victory at that point :D . Anyway here's the pic of the game with my towers' position. I had three of them freezing creeps plus the Gib. No one could get past the first line but horsemen, Challenges and Mass Challenges. Anyhow, the only bad note is that the Keys of Wisdom are annoying. I got 5-6 in the entire game and since I had like no drops at all it was pretty frustrating. Also, is it possible to have the possibility in the next version to check the towers when the game is over? I would really appreciate it. http://imgur.com/JVYQaOL

Congrats! Nice looking line-up you got there, plus perfect game :-) I filed a feature request in mantis with your suggestion to the backlog. Right now I would expect this to come in the version after 0.9, because unfortunately 0.9 is already pretty bloated. Cheers!

So, I've been able to pull off an even better game. got pretty lucky on this one. I used the same strategy and finally got Shadow's attackspeed down to 0.1 which is stupid, in fact it became pretty boring. No one could get past the first line, half of the towers were pretty useless. The Dark Forge: couldn't get any better because Shadow was way to over powered. http://imgur.com/nXC0x1b Shadow: my carry and main tower. http://imgur.com/T7AHYGC And the towers' placement: http://imgur.com/9mbZBqP This match I got 6 keys of Wisdom and 8 frozen hearts, didn't know where to put 'em Lol :D

Try to put the keys in a Ganesha :-)