Future plans?

So I know that you want to add something like the builders from YouTD but what other things do you wish to add sometime in the future? Tower upgrades or resource for what type of towers you find like in YouTD? Perhaps a randomly generated map mode (playing the same map is getting old and limiting strats)

Short term: - Complete all 3 elements, so that every element has 3 towers of each rarity - Increase performance and stability - Add skill so that there are enough points for player level 99 - Overhaul of card decks/inventory -> Make the current thing round and stable Mid term: - Add builders - Add champion creeps - Difficulty setting (maybe something like normal/nightmare/hell -> This would be something for new map layouts, too) - Add foil cards with mini achievements - Extend ladder to reflect foil cards/game stats/tower stats -> Make it somewhat feature complete Long term: - Animated towers - Aura effects -> Make it look nicer Long, long, long term (2.0) - I'd love to see some multiplayer/coop/pvp content. But it needs some good thinking to make it work conceptionally on mobile...