Game Lag

I was about 52000 seconds into the bonus survival round when the game started lagging. I didn't want to lose my score, so eventually I sold my main tower to lose. I've got a fairly good computer, so I'm assuming lag was occurring because of the amount of things flashing on the screen including the critical strikes, adapt and amped messages (possibly also the graphics of Mr. Iron's lightning). Or the numbers were getting so high, the game couldn't handle it (my main was doing 500 trillion in damage per hit towards the end). I don't think this will be a problem for most players, but it would be depressing to lose a 50000 second run to lag. lel nearly 15 hours 8D

1.) 53k+? Get out! ;) Great job BTW. 2.) it's more than 14 hours so probably your computer wasn't so happy. Anyway, could you tell me where was the Shadow? And, what in the world did you give to your towers to get +5939% attack speed on the Shadow and +2633% on Knux?!

haha thanks. Couldn't have done it without Warlemming's advice/strategy. I had the Scepter of Time on for at least half of that time, so it wasn't actually 14 hours real-time. And when I said my computer is good, it's actually good, so I don't think my computer was having a problem running the game, the game had a problem running the game :P The Shadow was where the Satellite is in the image. I had to replace my Shadow to end the game. The Shadow was in that spot so that it can reach the minions straight as they spawn in order for the Time item set works. The Shadow's items were 2x Unrelenting Force, 1x Wristwatch and 1x Last Train of Day + a bajillion speed potions of varying rarity. Every Jilly I had was equipped with a Time set. Witches held Keys. Beavers had Wither sets. My Iron Man had a Wither set, including the Mummy Bandages, which meant that even if I lost my Impatience, he'd amp the damage to every minion that got in his range making it easy for my Shadow to kill everything. Knux also had a Time set and a Lucky Pants. Knux was obviously an Elephant until level 99. Remember, Time set doesn't work if you don't skip rounds. To get the best bonus attack speed you have to manually skip 500 rounds AND survive the deluge of minions.

How'd you get Shadow to have that much A? I only got up to 3.8k, I doubt you it raised that far in the bonus round only.

Using a Dungeon Door for the entire bonus round, every 3 minutes there'd be another wave of items. After 294 Treasure Goblins over 53k seconds, you can imagine how many speed potions are collected.

Yeah, I know that, but you can't build up that much of Adaptability with only that, I almost did 5k seconds and only got 300ish. I'm asking how he got that far, I can't get there, lol.

Madness must be nerfed...

@Jhoijhoi, tell me how you did it! I ran a 500 one and couldn't get any closer to your adaptability with the shadow, I placed it in the 2nd-3rd wave.. and here's the placement, I copied somebody strategy (big shoutout , and an apology, to him/her anyway ^_^).

Best way to achieve high shadow adaptability is to equip messerschmidts + all lucky pants you got during mass challenge!

Judging by the item find/quality difference between our mains, I'd imagine I just got heaps more potions than you, meaning more attack speed, meaning more chances to adapt. Also, I tend not to build any more than 3 towers until I really need them, so all my early kills and experience are on the Shadow. Of course that's on Easy though. On Hard I've been finding it really difficult to get past the second Horseman with my current set up. In the bonus round, the adaption bonus doesn't matter though. Warlemming informs me that bonus round creeps have a different armour type, not a mix of the three (so that you don't need a main tower that does damage to all three).