Game not transmitted?

Hi I just finished a monster game.880k seconds. When it was submitted I got a time out. I clicked retry and it said it was already submitted. Then I left. Now the game is still in the resume game menu and not in replays and the ladder. My level also did not change. I would like to not resume the game as loading it will take at least 6 hours. Any suggestions? Edit Ok it just took longer, it is online now. The evaluation just took 1900sec -> 32 min

Yes that game hit the socket timeout on the server ^^ Not a great user experience, sorry for that! Again, I'm hoping for Dawn of Light's new bonus round mechanic to fix this once and for all!

Yes will be. The combination of dungeon door and dark forge generated potions, seelenreiser and abyss king nearly scales as good as monster health over time. The game is still in my resume and I would like to test if I can submit it again.(bug?) But then again I do not want to wait a day for this. After 6 hours I now was not hitting the 90%...

Hi Kami, thanks for your kind offering, but no need to load it again. I've checked it, and all game rewards have been successfully booked to your ladder account. Also, the server does see if a game was already submitted and does not allow to submit it again. If you want to get rid of the save game locally, you can do a long press on it, then you will be asked if you want to delete it. That's what the game does after a successful submission anyways. You can still access the replay of this game anytime via the replay section (although that might take quite long to watch ^^).