Game seems impossible lately

I don't know what the last patch did or maybe it was the last few patches...eitherway. I'm lucky to go past 100 now. Used to get to the bonus round fairly reliably, but now it's like...around wave 50-80 i just start leaking like crazy. Honestly, don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm lvl 77 - i've read through all the guides, tried them all out - nothing seems to help. Hell sometimes I leak on the FIRST round. You would think you have to be really freaking bad to leak on the first round right? Well try mass wave with fast....yea...didn't have the gold to build more than 2-3 towers (none of which it gave to me did any aoe damage, just pocket thieves and scientists). Really frustrating and just don't want to play anymore because it just seems like the mobs start to scale up way faster than you can possibly keep up. And once you start leaking, you know its over. Fall too far behind on cash, xp and items when that happens. The game right now is very punishing, especially for trying out new strats. At this point if you don't get bandages/unrelenting/plasma beam items then you're screwed. One game i got super lucky and got balu around round 60 maybe...figured yea if i place him now he'll be so buff by the time wave 100 comes around. Did it help? Nope! Stuff ran right by him like he was tickling. If anyone would be so kind as to post a video of how they survive i'd love to see it.

You know what i think i will start a YouTube channel dedicated to Mazebert At the moment i am in my 272 Wave with 183% Health used 2 Dandelions early and when i got 3/4 Wolves i replaced them Attack speed was a problem but got Seven-League Boots rather quickly EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTA7Ak8nY9M And here it is

Would love to see that :-D