Golden duplicate protection

Andy, is there a way to reduce the occurence of owned cards in the duture, please? I get owned cards 90% of the time, and I'm still missing half of the towers. Feels like it's getting to a point where I spend 300 dust per new card.

its various costs and i guess that isnt needed. In season is always the chance to get additional funds etc. even i grind for the cards. 90% is 1 new Card out of 10 thats good! :) Im ok with current dropchance. If i have like ~ 400 relics ill do the forge lottery and i get more value out of this then spending in a new legend card. In my opinion its well balanced

It's just sad to see that by reaching almost lvl 100 I still don't have a decent set from the cards crafted to beat golden grounds. Barely any uniques, half the potions missing, half the towers missing, and then I keep receiving duplicate pumpkin and stuff... It feels kinda like a failure to me... might just be that I'm super unlucky with crafting. I guess I wouldnt mind that much if i could beat golden grounds and could craft cards I need

Yeah, that sounds like "working as intended." Manually crafting unique cards is 400 per card. So you are getting a good deal at 300 each. For me, the challenge of beating golden grounds was finding out what strategy could work with the cards I had. I think I beat golden grounds with around half of the cards unlocked and only a couple uniques. Which hero are you using? The other option is to skip the challenge by completing golden grounds in multiplayer. You can look for someone willing to help you on the Mazebert Discord.

I also think that the crafting is pretty balanced as it is. Also managed to clear golden grounds with well under half aquisition of golden heroes/items/towers/potions. Also the current system encourages me to clear quests and budget dust for black market