Hackers account and topic around this

Hey, about a week before I started to play again mazebert and after watching ladder I again found that developers and moderators do nothing with hackers. When you looks to ladder on bonus survival here is 3 who haves seconds survived more than 100 000, first player have 235 944 seconds (65.54 hours) on hard mode wtf ? he's was hacking... Players under him have 73 453 and less. And the most funny thing about this is that you have player with Level: 65535 https://mazebert.com/player/19254/ (maybe he long playing this game...). At the same time, there are players who have maybe max lv. 200 and don't have on this xp. For the test I write program to which I put first 5000 account and I was set searching for lv 200, and what I found ? 28 account with hacked lv (http://pastebin.com/bjdAVBX1). NICE Moderators certainly searching hackers... Andy pleas ban this peoples on recovery code (player with baned code can't automatically add scores to ladder) and remove from ladder. If you would not know how search account with lv 200 or 140+ you can send me a database with players (In this format http://pastebin.com/kjfMg3DA) and I can scan it. Finally, excuse my bad English and have a nice day :)

maybe moderators didn't see?

Yes it is a possibility but someone from the team, it could control

I don't know if it's still valid, but a couple updates ago several people had their levels go crazy high from some error in the code. But it'd be difficult to find out which ones did.

Well some are certainly hacked but andi is afaik the only Admin here and I think he has better things to do. Plus he I don't think it is that important it would be nice if cheating is punished but its not that big of a deal. And I am not sure if the marine really is a cheater.

Ok if players can befor versions bug level this topic is wrote crap and with marine you're right hes can do it but too not

Again in english please

Hi Im a big fan of this game and i swear i havnt used any hack or cheat to give some tip i use metro strat and i agree some players are cheater

I just released a server update to calculate the player level based on the transmitted experience. Also did a migration on all existing players to correct the level (that was wrongly written due to that bug some updates ago). So now the ladder doesn't look that bugged anymore ;-)