Heads up for Android version

Hello tower addicts, this is sort of my 1st official post, hello to community sort of. Big thanks to Andy for this game. All perfect. And now for heads up - I am Google nexus 5 (LG) user, few days ago it updated to 5.1.1 no issues with the game so far, except it freezes some times when you have half of phone's ram being used. Today later I will give some ideas for new cards, and also corrections for existing ones. Thank you.

Card I want to offer would be darkness type support card, blue color, and it would give one of thes things, buff for towers which increases luck per level or increases item chance/rarity, and buff strength would also benefit from tower items/pots

First off: Nothing personal buddy =) But: The problem i see that the synergy with (lucky aura) is way TOO strong considering shadow as more or less only carry and all that effects (That white Wizard guy, Spider, Jilly, Shadow and Dark Forge, Dungeon Door ^^ too i guess). And if you get an blue tower which increases dropchance (so most likely 500g or LESS) you can boost the dropchance too early too hard. Which would make Holgar (prime goal with him is maximizing drops early on) and the Black Widow redundant as a unique tower. On towers with that rarity such things would be WAY too strong or the benefit too tiny to be worthwhile (Well, would you go for such an tower with about 2% base +0,001%/level?) And if i got it right, you want the tower to be able to increase the aura potency with the general stats (dmg/speed/CD/CC)? That at least is an interesting theme overall. *Well that increasing Aura with stats is interesting but i guess, it IS rather complex and pretty much work for our DEV ^^ Maybe way in the long run he might play around with it but i doubt he got time to spare the next year or so XD But as far as i know, Andy keeps a tap/tab(?) with good ideas which he will implement in time and maybe this idea gonna make it into the "to-do-list" ^^ Lets say (as an example i will take the Irish pub) they cant benefit from each others aura but their aura increases by 1% for every 25% bonus dmg they have. Did you mean it like that?