Health Bar

Is there a max limit on the Health Bar? So I won't waste the 20-40% hp potion for nothing. Because the HP% has always shown as green color, but when I got up to 298% HP the Health Bar started to turn purple. So it felt like it was an indicator for almost reaching hp limit (maybe 300%)? Sorry if I'm asking to many questions on the forum lately! I'm just new since 1,5 week back and is very active and learning!

i have had over 500% hp so you're safe ;)

this is my current game, i had to try a hard game after i saw the other post u made =) http://imgur.com/1kb7RL7

Wow, nice! I just wish I had some legendary items haha! How did you manage to pump your health bar all the way to 500~ By the way, is there any other good carry who comes close to Shadow? And what hero ability did you use on that picture? :) Good luck on your current bonus round!!!

@MRDRR ahh, never mind. Saw the other post you answered about demon blade about the hp part.

I use Lord Roderic =) shadow is the one ;) ok like some towers have potential, but you are long dead before they ever can surpass shadow, some like them are, Ripper, Balu and Muli. i prefer to start with holgar to get as many potions as possible but he starts to give in after a few k seconds so then he becomes my secondary shadow ;)

I can't seem to survive anymore on hard mode. Maybe I was just very lucky when I got 38K seconds. Haven't been able to complete 200 waves since. @MRDRR when do you start to place your first Shadow? I usually do it as soon as I've gotten 240g. If I understand you correctly you are making your main Dandelion--->Holgar--->Shadow? Any early game tips?

ok the easiest way you can start by is with 2 baby rabbits at the locations for you main and secondary, and a jilly or two in the back to catch any possible leak =) this is a very strong start and will be a strong combo until you can get some better towers but i like difficult so i start with 1 jilly on #3 that will be my secondary, it is not easy as i will leak against any mass creep unless they have both slow and armor ability, if they just have slow they're too fast so my jilly can only kill 19/20, when i got 240g(between wave 2-4) i want a shadow wich i place at #5 then i put 4-5 jillys in the back to catch leaks but not in range to steal kills. then as soon as i can afford it i put holgar on #3 to get pots and he will be my main until bonus rounds when he isn't strong enough, hopefully by then shadow has gotten quite good adaptation levels and can take over as main, then i switch holgar for a secondary shadow that will then start to grind adapts. swipe all white and blue potions for water and give to holgar, save all the yellow untill you have rings(this does not work with hard settings as you will leak without your main drinking some potions) anyway i was hoping you could give me some tips as you still beat my new record even if i beat my old 500 round easy score with a 200 hard game ;) http://imgur.com/KWI9mp9

I think the difference I did and was lucky to succeed with (once only) been trying ever since to even pass wave 150 haha. But I had my secondary Shadow at spot #10(he got good reach all over the map), used 3 decks (need lots of luck then again) and 3 Elvis (good slowing units on bonus round) at spot #1, #7 and #13. Making it trigger slow everytime if withered set units pushes them back again. Then again, lucky I got abyss as my first purple unit, at 30,000 total kills he had an army of 24,000. On my last run (normal) he only had around 20,000 army on 38,000 total kills. Haven't been succeesful since with the same strategy. So I'm going to give your early game tips a try! Altho might be because I don't have Lord Roderic. (And I been trying alot with 100% exp hero, making it even harder because no real early bonus for my towers). I guess what made me lose on my hard run was because mmy mains adapt went to 10k%/10k%/4k%, that's only 40 times bonus dmg on some.

ok like i said the 2 bunnies are a sure thing, for the other strategy i use i have to restart alot before i even begin ;) yes abyss is king =) ok and why i have my main on #5 is beacause he will have as good reach as possible with reaver equipped, and reaver is also the best item to make your shadow gain adapts, mass challenges are awesome for adaption with reaver, i gave my lucky pots to abyss and knusper so it took me about 25k+ seconds before i had 10k% adapts, with high luck and i can have full adapt way sooner but i got -40% as i got -50% from Roderic(ouch)

Ok bro that strategy looks good... But now I have problems with item management. I have many good items and thing I can't manage it. Can you tell me which can be used on towers for more efficient gameplay? 1. Withered set 2. Seelenreiser 3. M reaver 4. Hydra arrow 5. Blood demon blade 6. Mjoelnir 7. Plasma blade + robot 8. Excalibur 9. Blade of darkness Tell me how should I distribute these items on two towers. Can't quite get good combination

I would have used Seelenreiser, M. Reaver, Hydra arrow, Excalibur and Blade of darkness on my main. Withered set, Plasma blade + Robot, Mjoelnir on my second main/support. I guess if you get Spectre Set you would switch out Excalibur and blade of darkness from your main and put it on your second instead of Mjoelnir and Plasma blade + Robot. At my best playthrough I had to use M.Reaver, Hydra Arrow, Plasma blade + Robot, Excalibur and Blade of darkness on my main. (38k seconds hard mode) Withered Set, Mjoelnir and Frozen Heart on my second main/support.

I do take specter set for now... But thanxx for advice I'll try this setup