help for savecode

hello admin I can not create my savecode how can I do?

In the game go: My wizard Ladder And there you can See it in the bottom half of the screen

the problem and coming out to me this message: "No profile with this e-mail address was found in the ladder" how to solve?

Hey emiliano, do you want to create a new player profile or do you want to recover an existing one? In case you want to create a new profile, you need to be at least wizard level 2 to do so. Then the game will show you a hint in the main menu. If you need to recover your existing account, do you remember your player name and the last time you played, with this info I can try to find you in the db.

I have to create a new one, now I'm at level 50. I go to MY WIZARD, then FORGOT SAVECODE, I get "f you registered an e-mail your prifile, we can send your savecode to it" I enter the e-mail and never leaves me "no profile with this email address was found in the ladder "

Sorry I don't get it :-D If you see the forgot savecode option, then you do not have a wizard profile at the moment (stored locally in the app). How can you be wizard level 50 then? What does the game say, when you choose new game? For me it says: casid, Level 76.

I think he meant he was lvl 50. And wants to restore it now

hi Sir Andy can u help me retrieve my account because i forgot my savecode..i used to play it on my phone and laptop.. my wizards name is 1kpotz.... u can email me here jallaine12gil@gmail.com.. thank you..

Hey there! I haven't found your player name in the db, but I've found your email address. Could it be possible that you are Doseatbentesais? If so, the forgot savecode feature should work :-)

Andy..yes doseatbentesais is also mine..but i also have another account and that is my original account back then the account name is 1kpotz, back then i think there is no email sync....i hope u can still find my original account....thank you for your response to my old post...hoping for your another reaponse..^__^

Unfortunately I couldn't find a player with this name in the database :-( I tried different variations, still no result. Are you sure this was you name back then?

hi andy..good day.... i did everything, check my old tablet..and i only find the email i used on my acount.. hope u can use it to retrieve my account the email is grf1226@yahoo.com

hey there! Sorry for the late reply. I did a search in the db for the given email, but I found no associated player :-( I'm pretty sure that your old account name is slightly different to 1kpotz - which I didn't find either. Any idea on that front?

i guess i will just play with my second account...i did everything to retrieve it...i think i did not synch it with any email that time..so my only way of getting it back is to remember my savecode but thats imposible its 3years ago...the tablet i use playing it is broken...andy thanks again for trying....any update on the game?

Hallo Andy, i just downloaded mazebert again and can't get into my acc because I'm not getting into the email addresse, can u pls help me? The name of the acc Is GarstigerGargamel and the email I probably used is Vinzent.beran@yahoo.de .. I stoppen playing around 6-12 months ago. Greets

Hey I found you in the db and attached your save code to your forum profile! Cheers :-)