Hi and thank you :) its fefe :)

hi so tnx for the quick reply in the play market so can help get my rank back on my phone ? (galaxy s3)

hi thanks for writing! Do you remember the name of your wizard and the last time (roughly) you played the game with you profile? With this information I can try to find you in the ladder database. Cheers!

yeah sure it was fefe (70 in ladder) i just never got asked to register with email or something maybe i missed an update when i was abroad i dont know anyway thank u :)

Found you. I attached your savecode to your forum profile. Just click on your profile on the forum, then edit and on the very bottom you find the field 'savecode'. You need to enter this code in the game on your new phone. Then you can continue playing as your old wizard. Cheers!

Tnx alot andy :)