Hidden achievements

I know that mazebert has many hidden achievements, this topic is dedicated to find them all (some hints from andy would be great :D) So far: 1-Finish Blood Moor on any difficulty. 2-Finish Shattered plains on any difficulty. 3-Finish Twisted paths on any difficulty. 4-Finish Golden grounds on any difficulty. 5-Win a game with metropolis towers only. 6-Win a game with Nature towers only. 7-Win a game with Darkness towers only. 8-Watch the entire Credits (Thanks MRDRR). So far thats all i got Edit: it looks like there are a total of 12 Hidden Achievements

i've done 1,2,3 still think i need more golden cards for the GG map, tried the 5,6,7 but did not see or get any reward/quest completed thing at all, tried on different difficulties but did not do anything either other you have the see credits reward that do work and did get me a bonus notification and quest completed thats all i know, tested and seen

That's weird, make sure to just tick 1 element in the new game page, that's what i did atleast.

yes i did the same but maybe i wasn't paying enough attention, though i have a hard time believing i missed the notification 3 times =) did you try the credit quest?

Yeah, that worked never really thought of it lol (added it in the topic)

Well, I confirmed that winning with only building a single tower the whole game does NOT give you an achievement, lol.

Winning with a single element does tho, I checked and it gives you 40 or 60, and golden ground gives 250.

It gives 60 I just checked it. Urbanize

registerQuest(1,KillChallengesQuest); registerQuest(2,OnlyDarknessAndNatureQuest); registerQuest(3,OnlyNatureAndMetropolisQuest); registerQuest(4,Map1VictoryQuest); registerQuest(5,Map2VictoryQuest); registerQuest(6,WatchCreditsQuest); registerQuest(7,OnlyDarknessAndMetropolisQuest); registerQuest(8,OnlyDarknessQuest); registerQuest(9,OnlyNatureQuest); registerQuest(10,OnlyMetropolisQuest); registerQuest(11,Map3VictoryQuest); registerQuest(12,Map4VictoryQuest); registerQuest(13,BonusSurvivalQuest); registerQuest(14,CollectGoldQuest); registerQuest(15,TowerLevelsQuest);


Getting a perfect game of bowling (12 strikes) grants you 250