How can I pick up purple towers from the forge?

Hello, How can I pick up purple towers from the forge? :( Is it possible anyway? Or only with 0,0000001% chance?

No purple towers, only legendarys (golden like yellow but golden) I don't know the exact chance, but it is possible.

Hello, you can get all Cards from the forge, except 2 Cards: Blood Demons Sword (or how its called, it will be added with the demon! you get 2 Cards for one roll here, since one without the other is absolutely useless) and Scepter of Time (which got added to everybody who unlocks Golden Grounds). The rest of the Cards is just some lucky randomness on the forge. Sometimes you get 5 new cards, other times none. Just go on and try =) its like the lottery ;) (at least if you already have like 30 Cards or so) You fail qutie regular but your pretty happy if you get the jackpot :-P *At least i guess you mean the Card Forge not the Dark Forge and that Sword... If you mean that, the higher your towerlevel the higher the chance for more quality loot ^^' Still i guess you mean the Card Forge

okok, but 2 months without it ( it's more than 3000 relics + hidden quests and 150-200 try) , maybe I have bad luck. I need an Essence of Luck potion. :))

It was my last game. I hate the lotto, it's not stretegy game. Same cards every day, every weeks. Good luck everyone!

you must be in some unlucky streak, i just got blood deamon today and i think i got seelenreisser like 2-3 weeks ago? and since i got it 2-3 times, got lucky potion a few times aswell, doesn't do so much good but i get some free rerolls though =) only legendayry i miss now is the knight hero? forgot the name =) i use to trade my card relics in at around 12-2 am and seems to give me some less luck with quests but better luck on the forge at that time, i only get theese boring nature/metro/darkness quests but forge delivers, i got 7/8 heroes, 25/37 towers, 32/53 items and 15/19 potions =) try forge at that time, i think the forging is somehow counting how many players that forged 1 card and put a temporary forge cap on it or sumtin' so if you dont get what you wanna forge then someone else took it first, so i think the less players forging the higher chance for getting a card you want. Only as you seem to have problem with aswell is i still miss quite a lot of uniques, i only have knusperhexe and black widow unique towers, item besides scepter i got dungeon door and helm of hades and the only unique potion i got is essense of wisdom, a few more uniques and im going for golden grounds =) well that is my theory on the forging issue

Whoa, that is a lot of golden cards. You should be able to do golden grounds easy. I did it with almost none of those, and barely any potions, as well.

hehe well i only missed like 5ish quests since the start and first month was dead slow =) i used to do 1 quest every day but now im to lazay and try cut them together like if i have metro/darkness and nature/merto quests i go for winning with only metropolis to complete them both at same time, also i wait until quest log is full and i have one spare so i have total of 3+1 and the day im gonna recieve a 5th quest i go to complete the 3 and when the first one is finished i exit the game to synchronize for the one on hold and try complete all the 4 quests in 1 or 2 games(for quests i only go 200 waves) so then when the time hits 12 am (2 am in my country) the new quest arrives and if i want i can start on that one or start to save up 3+1 again so i get loads of relics in a short period of time and then forge forge forge =) ok @Argon im gonna try the golden grounds this week if i get the time =) peace //

lol played golden grounds and just finished it and i was missing alot of uniques as i played and didn't even have a full set, i started to thinking that kemu was right all along about the unique forging but then the mazebert angels visited me. For the relics i gained i forged ring of yang and then my last roll was a seelenreisser i traded cards and got myself nillos elixir and tear of the gods!! fuckin awesome forge!! 3 uniques and a legendary in like 300ish relics!! <---- this dude's so frickin happy!! but i still need alot of unique towers to make a good run, i especially missed M.reaver, the explosive potion and the healing potion 7/8 heroes, 25/37 towers, 33/53 items and 17/19 potions got a 4th place with 854 sec =)

I light weight hate you course for a new account can't complain think I'm only 2 weeks old with hordric hero only one that seems to scale 3 trade in scales far better whole game then the basics that lose effect after 50 rds also got gold blood demon abyss wisdom pot keys ex caliber and all basic non life pots really want scnoose or what ever since heard a few go wow got it

okey i havent played to much with osmo, myself i think the exp drawback is to hard to make it a good card, also the dmg is a bit hard the first 50 lvls, sure the littlefinger card gets useless later on but i think its great to make a strong start and get more items and no drawbacks so still my favorite =) though i must be a lucky frickin' bastard =) i got the lord roderic hero card today =) hehe all legendary's, check! i think this is the best card ever though i have to test it first =) but the skills looks great and i think the lucky potion works well together with roderic as it will neutralize the 50% luck drawback and the 50% Attack speed drawback is maybe little hard in the start but later on it won't matter all heroes 8/8 check! =))))))))))))) lol just got balu and gib aswell =) this rocks!!!! 27/37 towers, 33/53 items, 17/19 potions